Homemade Eclairs @ In. D. Alley (인디앨리)

An eclair isn’t a dessert I frequently crave or even think about for that matter. I guess it takes the right kind of place to make you want something you’ve never wanted before. In. D. Alley is that kind of place for me.

When In. D. Alley first opened its doors their primary focus was on choux and eclairs. They were crispy or soft, always flavorful and hands down the best eclairs in Seoul. They usually make six different flavors a day and I’ve tried them all so far. I’m a huge fan of their Earl Grey Choco Eclair, but their Banana Eclair is a close second. Their really generous with the fillings.

Now that they’re perfected those, they’ve started to venture into cakes, rolls, cheesecakes and even meringue cookies. These desserts usually vary from day to day. If you like green tea, don’t miss out on their matcha cupcakes. They may be my new favorite item.

I usually wash down my desserts with a nice cup of coffee. While their coffee selection isn’t anything out of the ordinary, they are always well mate. When I’m in the mood for something a bit more “exclusive” they have a nice selection of fruit teas to choose from. They offer teas like apple mint lemon tea, quince tea and rose lemon tea, drinks you don’t find on just any menu.

In. D. Alley is tucked away down a small alley in a mostly residential area in Yeonhuhi-dong. You would never stumble across this place unless you lived in the area, which is a shame because it’s such a great find. Having once been a beautiful house, it still hold much of its homey charm. The interior is full of comfy couches, armchairs and coffee tables. There is even a stack of warm blankets for anyone who wants to get a bit more comfortable (or warm).

What’s best about this place is that it’s completely dog friendly. You can’t let your fur babies roam freely, but you can definitely sit inside with them. They also have patio seating when the weather’s nice, which is great because it’s far from noisy crowds and car pollution. My little Uyu can be a fit fussy sometimes, but they are always so nice and welcoming. They even bring him a bowl of water whenever we visit.

There are so many great qualities about this cafe, it has quickly become one of my regular hang out spots. It’s such a relaxing place and the desserts are so tasty. Plus, when the weather or air quality isn’t great (which happens quite a bit), it’s the perfect haven for Uyu and myself when we don’t want to be stuck at home all day. So if your looking for a cozy spot of your own, give In. D. Alley a shot.

  • Hours
    • 10:00am~10:00pm, Everyday
  • Address
    • 서울시 서대문구 연희동 190-21
    • 190-21 Yeonhui-dong Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Phone
    • 010-5479-3306
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