Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**

I first came across Oneday Hanbok back in 2015, when it was a tiny little shop inside 을지로4가역 (Euljiro 4 Ga Station). They had a modest selection, but the service was excellent and price was right. It was such a great experience I went straight to my blog to tell everyone about my great find!

Flash forward to 2017, these hanbok rental places are a dime a dozen. I can’t seem to go a single weekend without seeing couples or groups of friends frolicking around in traditional Korean clothes. This isn’t just a tourist thing anymore either, it’s become a fun activity among locals too. So I wasn’t too surprised to find that my favorite hanbok rental spot had moved to a bigger space and was kind enough to invite me to check out the new location.

Although the space isn’t huge, it’s enough room for over 700 different hanbok, individual dressing rooms, a powder room and storage space. The women definitely have a lot to choose from. I know many foreigners can be a bit self-conscious about their figures or height, but the sizes are very accommodating. There’s also something to suit anyones taste, ranging from pastel, bold and monochromatic  colored hanbok to gold trimmed and sequins laced hanbok. The only downside is that you can’t choose the top and skirt separately, everything comes pre-paired.

The men don’t have as many options, compared to the ladies, but they have a bit more leeway  in terms of mix and match. All their hanbok pieces come separately, so they can pick any shirt and pair of pants they’d like. Then they have a choice of a vest, sleeveless robe or full robe to go on top. The different pieces come in all colors, fabrics and design. If you’re looking for something to match with your significant other, they also have designs that match perfectly (though they may be a bit on the sparkly side).

My boyfriend and I like to match in terms of color scheme, rather than flat out twinning it. It took us FOREVER to finally settle on something, but in the end I went for a bold teal and salmon hanbok with white accents and gold detailing. My boyfriend went with a dark blue hanbok with teal trimming and white accents. They actually complimented each other very well and looked fantastic in pictures.

Since you are asked to wear your hanbok over your clothes, a dressing room isn’t really necessary. However, it can get really crowded so a dressing room will provide you with your own personal space and most importantly… a mirror, which can be hard to get to in a room full of puffy dresses.

Once we were dressed, we moved on over to the powder room to pick out any accessories we might need. They have a nice selection of hairbands, hats and crowns to choose from. They even provide bobby-pins, curlers and straighteners to style your hair. They also provide purses to better match your look and if the weather is cold you can pick out a fur-lined vest. There is plenty of vanity space to fix your makeup, though you may have to wait your turn if it’s crowded.

When we were done, we packed our belongings into a bag they gave us and got it checked in, so we didn’t have to lug our winter coats around with us. They also gave me a petticoat to wear under my dress. You aren’t required to wear one, but it made me feel like a Korean Disney princess so I gladly accepted… twirling my dress every chance I got.

Overall it was another great experience. They have a huge selection and way more staff now. Although it was bit on the crowded side when I went, they were still very helpful and attentive. They are also fluent in several languages. The only thing I wish they had were shoes to go with the outfits. So far I don’t know of any hanbok rental service that offers shoe rental, but when I went to Kyoto they provided shoes with their kimono rentals and it made a huge difference especially in photos. In the meantime, Oneday Hanbok remains my go to spot when I feel like strolling through Seoul like a queen.

  • Hours
    • 10:00am~8:00pm Everyday
  • Address
    • 서울특별시 종로구 재동 12 (2층)
    • 12 Jae-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul (2nd Floor)
  • Phone
    • 070-4202-4310
  •  Reservations
    • Include: name, date, time, number of people
  • Website
  • Instagram

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