Bésame ♥ Snow White: Disney Cosmetics Review

I have been looking forward to doing this review for a long time! Ever since photos of Bésame’s Snow White collection debut at D23 back in July, I’ve been aggressively stalking their website and Instagram. I am a HUGE Snow White fan and as an adult, I was thrilled to see a line Disney cosmetics with a classy, mature tone. So before it’s completely sold … Continue reading Bésame ♥ Snow White: Disney Cosmetics Review

Sailor Moon Crystal ♥ Grace Gift Collaboration: Haul & Review

There’s nothing I love more than adding a subtle hint of nerdiness to my OOTD. Of course there is always the right time and place to be a little more extra, like on my last trip to Universal Studios Japan. That trip definitely put me on a Sailor Moon fan girl high. Which worked out really well because when I came back home, I had … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal ♥ Grace Gift Collaboration: Haul & Review

Moonshot BLACKPINK Cosmetics Review

If I look at the K-Pop industry as a whole, I’d have to say the YG Entertainment is probably my favorite company simply because the majority of the artists I like come from their company. This being said, I was a little more than a little curious to check out their cosmetic line. However it seemed a bit gimmicky and I wasn’t totally sold on … Continue reading Moonshot BLACKPINK Cosmetics Review

Good Eats & Best Wedding Bands in Downtown LA

Downtown LA has changed so much since I was a kid. It’s become cleaner, trendier and, well… not a cheap place to live. One thing that hasn’t changed too much are many of the original buildings and their amazing architecture. The fiancé and I spent quite a bit of time taking pictures around the area during our last visit in December. With all the final … Continue reading Good Eats & Best Wedding Bands in Downtown LA

Granhand (그랑핸드): Korean Homemade Fragrances **Update**

Granhand is hands down my favorite fragrance shop. Their original handmade fragrances had me hooked the moment I entered their doors, well over a year ago. Whenever I need sachets for my closet, candles for my home or perfume for myself, I always make time to head over to their beautiful little hanok shop to resupply. Aside from hoarding their products for myself, they also make … Continue reading Granhand (그랑핸드): Korean Homemade Fragrances **Update**

How to Spend a Day in Hanbok

Although it has become insanely popular among locals and tourists, It’s been a while since I’ve dressed up in a traditional hanbok and strolled around Gyeongbokgung and its surrounding area. Right now it’s a very popular date idea, so when Oneday Hanbok invited me to check out their new shop I decided to turn it into a little photoshoot/date with my boyfriend. Admittedly, I’m a … Continue reading How to Spend a Day in Hanbok

Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**

I first came across Oneday Hanbok back in 2015, when it was a tiny little shop inside 을지로4가역 (Euljiro 4 Ga Station). They had a modest selection, but the service was excellent and price was right. It was such a great experience I went straight to my blog to tell everyone about my great find! Flash forward to 2017, these hanbok rental places are a dime … Continue reading Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**