Sailor Moon Crystal ♥ Grace Gift Collaboration: Haul & Review

There’s nothing I love more than adding a subtle hint of nerdiness to my OOTD. Of course there is always the right time and place to be a little more extra, like on my last trip to Universal Studios Japan. That trip definitely put me on a Sailor Moon fan girl high. Which worked out really well because when I came back home, I had a lovely surprise waiting for me.

Grace Gift is Taiwanese fashion company that has recently released a Sailor Moon Crystal collaboration line. They’ve got a variety of heels, flats, sneakers and bags all appropriately designed to represent the 5 main Sailor Scouts. I had pre-ordered a few items some time ago, so it seemed like perfect timing for it to show up at my door right after my Sailor Moon filled trip to Osaka.
First I just want to note how gorgeous the packaging is! There’s definitely a lot of thought, care and effort that went into the design and execution of the packaging. The Luna Tote Bag comes in a large, lavender box with a gold foil design of Luna and Artemis on the lid and tiny crescent moons and cat silhouettes all along the sides. This box is now a permanent fixture in my room. So pretty!
As for the bag itself, I was really drawn to it’s simplicity. At first glance, It’s a pretty basic black tote with a magnetic closure and a single zipper pocket on the inside. Then you notice the adorable pair of Luna ears on the front along with a metal gold crescent moon, for that subtle hint of moon crystal power. There’s also a beautiful gold (not real gold, but still quite heavy) moon stick charm hanging from one of the straps. You even get a bit of Sailor Moon flair on the inside with a gold crescent moon charm at the end of the zipper on the pocket.
So far, it’s been the ideal summer bag for me. It’s sturdy and a great size. It’s not too big, but I can definitely carry all my essentials in it… like my doggo. It’s also made of faux leather, which might sound like a negative, but it was actually a big plus for me. The bag is light, easy to clean and super affordable. I’ll admit I was a little worried about the quality, but so far I’m really impressed. I guess you could say I’m totally over the moon… some pun intended.


The second item I purchased was a pair of their Sailor Moon sneakers. Like the tote, these also come in their own gorgeous box. These come in a light pink box with a dreamy Sailor Moon silhouette on the lid along with some gold foil accents. The sides are littered with gold silhouettes of Luna, the Moon Stick and Sailor Moon’s broach and ribbon. Inside, each shoe comes in its own drawstring dust bag along with extra insole cushions and a pair of white satin ribbon shoe laces.

This particular pair of shoes comes in 5 different colors (one for each of the 5 main Sailor Scouts), but of course you know I had to go with Sailor Moon’s pair. The sneakers I got are white with Sailor Moon’s blue and white sailor fuku on the back. They come laced with beautiful bright pink satin ribbons with gold tips. There’s also a pink and gold metal compact right on the top and a silver crystal outlined in gold on the tongue. These are obviously a lot less subtle than the bag, but I had to have them!

Sizing is always a concern when ordering shoes from a different country. I’m a size 6.5 US and 235 in Korea, so I ordered my shoes accordingly. The size is perfect, but I kind of wish I had a bit more space in the toes. So far I’ve only worn them once because wearing white shoes in a crowded city like Seoul is bit heartbreaking. Nonetheless I really wanted to give them a go and I can’t believe how comfortable they are. The faux leather is a lot softer than I anticipated, so I’m hoping with a few more wears they will stretch out a bit to give me a more comfortable fit. If you plan on ordering these, I’d say go a size up. You can always add insoles, but there’s not a whole lot you can do if they’re too small.


Many (not all) of the Sailor Moon products come with some adorable giveaways. So, while my Luna tote didn’t come with anything extra, my sneakers did! These came with a really cute white crop top with a light pink sailor Moon silhouette on the front and back velvet choker with a Sailor Moon compact charm on it. BEST FREE GIFTS EVER!!! I really just want to put everything on all together and be super extra. Well, I guess I kind of did.


I am really liking Grace Gift so far. Their packaging and products are beautiful, well designed and of pretty great quality as far as I can tell. I mean, I wouldn’t go back backing with the stuff, but for light everyday wear the products should be pretty durable. What’s even better is that they do International shipping, which is how I got my paws on these lovely items. A word of caution, due to the costs of international shipping, they DO NOT do returns or exchanges unless the product is defective and it’s clearly their fault. Otherwise you better be 100% about your purchases, especially when it comes to shoe sizes. If you’re feeling unsure about anything, you can just shoot them an email. From what I’ve experienced, they have very good customer service.

Overall I’d definitely recommend checking them out. Of course, like many collaborations, this will not last forever and certain items are already selling out, so be sure to get while the gettin’s good. ALSO, they have just started pre-orders on their 2nd Sailor Moon collaboration, which is a summer inspired line. I have already put in my order, so be sure to keep an eye out for that haul & review. Until next time…


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