Bésame ♥ Snow White: Disney Cosmetics Review

I have been looking forward to doing this review for a long time! Ever since photos of Bésame’s Snow White collection debut at D23 back in July, I’ve been aggressively stalking their website and Instagram. I am a HUGE Snow White fan and as an adult, I was thrilled to see a line Disney cosmetics with a classy, mature tone. So before it’s completely sold out, I thought I’d chime in (better late than never).

Before getting into the product review, I thought I’d just review the overall execution of this line upfront. From the packaging to the actual products, this line is designed with incredible beauty and elegance. There was obviously a lot of thought and effort put into the design and it shows. Everything was definitely made with adult Disney fans in mind and I think that’s what really sets it apart from other Disney inspired cosmetics. Bésame teamed up with Disney to create a line that takes the colors that were actually used to paint the animated film and gave us a product to create masterpieces of our own. There’s something kind of poetic about that.

Full disclosure, the products are all made with a very lightweight plastic and although the products don’t look cheap, they can have a bit of a cheap feel. I believe this was probably a choice made to keep costs down for us. That being said, would I have paid more for something a bit sturdier? Probably. Do I like these products any less? Absolutely not!

Storybook Palette

I’ve always loved the storybook intros in classic Disney films. The books themselves are always so beautifully ornate and getting to have one with makeup in it is like a double rainbow. The Storybook Palette was the first of the line to catch my eye and the first to completely sell out. Luckily, I was able to get my paws on one before they were gone.

This gorgeous palette comes with 20 different highly pigmented colors all inspired by inks actually used in the film. It even comes with a list of the colors in the palette and where they were used in the film, along with a cel page on how to achieve Snow White’s classic look.

Though there are several colors in the palette I’m yet to even touch, I had to have it… if only for the incredible amount in creativity that went into putting it together.

I’m Wishing Palette

After the Storybook Palette, I really wanted some eyeshadows with a bit of shimmer to them. The I’m Wishing Palette was the perfect solution. It features 8 incredibly pigmented eye shadows in both matte and glitter. For me, it’s an ideal everyday palette because it has a decent range of colors from blues and pinks to soft neutrals and browns. It’s a little tricky to use because of the high pigmentation (a little goes a long way), but it’s easy to blend, buildable and definitely long lasting. To be honest, I use it way more than the Storybook Palette.

Like the Storybook Palette, the colors are inspired by the original Disney Ink and Paint Department colors used in the classic film. I love the apple blossom detail on the mirror and the cover is even better. It features a never before seen cel from the Wishing Well sequence in the film. It’s super dreamy and one of my favorite scenes in the film.

Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder

This gorgeous compact comes with a translucent pressed face powder that has completely gone to the top of my favorites list. The powder is incredibly refined with a subtle pearlescent finish to it. It is great for setting my makeup and keeping in place all day. It also gives my face a beautiful polished (almost photoshopped) finish. It definitely gave me some serious Snow White vibes.

The compact cover features beautiful artwork based on an original trading card produced when the film was released in 1937 and the mirror on the inside has beautiful forest animal detailing. I’m not really a fan of the puff it comes with because it feels kind of cheap and doesn’t really apply the powder very well. Other than that, I’m completely in love.

7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set

Not being able to make up my mind on the lipstick front, I decided to try out the 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set so I could get a better feel for the quality and pigmentation of their lipsticks as a whole. In this set, you get 7 mini lipsticks encased in a vintage gold casing with a red dwarf silhouette on each lipstick. The 7 colors are inspired by the gemstones that the 7 Dwarfs mine in the film.

  • Bashful Sweet tourmaline-pink
  • Doc Neutral, nude, cool padparadscha sapphire
  • Dopey Opalescent diamond frost
  • Grumpy Vibrant, warm coral carnelian
  • Happy Sunny terra-cotta
  • Sleepy Brilliant sapphire-pink
  • Sneezy  Rich, glowing garnet with a bit of sparkle

As the description implies, these lipsticks are teeny tiny, which is great for travel but so easy to loose or break. I definitely recommend using a lip brush to apply these to prevent breakage. Out of all the products I bought, this is the only one that didn’t have very good packaging only because it didn’t actually hold the lipsticks in place. When I received them, they were rattling around loose, but thankfully were not damaged.

As for the product itself, I loved it! The pigmentation is great and you get a nice variety of colors. The formula is really long lasting and applies really smoothly. In fact, I put it to the test on my recent trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. It lasted all day, though I did need to retouch once because I ate so much. For regular day-to-day wear, I find that the lipstick lasts all day with no fuss or touch ups necessary.

Classic Color lipstick: Snow White Red

After trying out out the 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set, I knew I had to order a full sized lipstick. Of course I went straight for the “Snow White Red,” which is a recreation of Snow White’s lip color, based on the original “Ink and Paint” colors of the 1937 film. How amazing is that?!?

Like the Dwarfs Set, this lipstick also comes encased in a gold lipstick bullet inspired by the tubes of the 1940s, with beautiful red apple blossoms running across it. The lipstick is designed with sharp tips to easily line your lips and blunt sides to fill in with color. I’ll admit, it took some getting used to, but it actually does make application easier. Plus you don’t even need to use a lip pencil.

What I found interesting, is that it actually came with instructions. I found that applying it this way really helps prevent the lips from drying and makes the color last longer. So in the end you get a beautiful soft pigmented red with a satin finish that is perfect for everyday use and lasts all day.

Classic Book Bag

Originally, I hadn’t intended on purchasing any of the bags because, well let’s be honest, I had already spent a pretty penny on the cosmetics themselves. However, I noticed that there were special bundles available for some items and the Classic Book Bag was only $6 (originally $15) with the purchase of the Snow White Red Lipstick. How could I pass it up?!?

The bag is made to look like the enchanted Snow White storybook, similar to the Storybook Palette design. It’s cream with teal and gold flourishes. In other words, It’s gorgeous! Although I would probably describe it as more of a pouch than a bag. The envelope design does minimize the space you have to work with and to be honest, at 4 in x  8 in, you can’t fit a whole lot in there.

For me personally, I like to use it when I want to take my Snow White lipstick and powder with me, that way I don’t have to worry about them getting scratched up in my bag. I guess the upside to the flat design of this pouch is that anything you put in there is pretty much secured into place. The pouch itself is also really easy to slip into any bag.

Overall, it’s a fantastic collection. Though it’s a bit hard to be unbiased, there’s no denying the great quality of the makeup and as far as the design… Well, I think the pictures speak for themselves. Sorry for such a late post, but I noticed that the products have been selling out, so if there was ever a time to splurge on this collection, it’s now or never.

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