How to Spend a Day in Hanbok

Although it has become insanely popular among locals and tourists, It’s been a while since I’ve dressed up in a traditional hanbok and strolled around Gyeongbokgung and its surrounding area. Right now it’s a very popular date idea, so when Oneday Hanbok invited me to check out their new shop I decided to turn it into a little photoshoot/date with my boyfriend. Admittedly, I’m a … Continue reading How to Spend a Day in Hanbok

Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**

I first came across Oneday Hanbok back in 2015, when it was a tiny little shop inside 을지로4가역 (Euljiro 4 Ga Station). They had a modest selection, but the service was excellent and price was right. It was such a great experience I went straight to my blog to tell everyone about my great find! Flash forward to 2017, these hanbok rental places are a dime … Continue reading Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**