Jinhae Cafe: A Civic Center Coffee (어씨빅센터커피)

Any time I go anywhere, I always look for unique cafes in the area to check out. So, on our way to the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, we decided to drop by cafe I had scouted out on Instagram, A Civic Center Coffee or ACCC.

The cafe is located on top of a small hill and is completely surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Inside, the cafe is spacious with large windows lining the walls, so as to better enjoy the gorgeous view outside. To be perfectly honest, the inside wasn’t too shabby either. There was a large fire place with a deer head over the mantel (fake, of course). It was fully stocked with logs of wood and even had a wooden rocking chair in front of it. This small section gave off a trendy hunters lodge vibe.

The rest of the space was occupied with a mixture of different styles of furniture, wood, plastic, leather, cloth, you name it. I suppose there was something to fit everyones tastes. As for decor, it was lightly decorated with potted plants, fresh flowers, candles and books. Writing about it now, it sounds pretty weird, but visually… it just works. It’s totally Instagram worthy. Just about every girl in the cafe was taking a million selfies.

Their menu has a nice selection of coffees, teas and daily specials. My hubby ordered a mocha shake which I’m assuming was really good because he guzzled it down before I even had a chance to try it. As for me, I had to have the prettiest item on the menu which was essentially a latte with pink whipped cream and sprinkles on top. It looked much prettier in some of the Instagram pictures I had seen, so I was a bit disappointed. Taste-wise, it was fantastic. This cafe knows how to make a good latte.

For dessert, I was hoping to try some of their specialty or seasonal items, but they were completely out. Instead I opted for their caramel cheesecake, which was insanely good. It was rich and creamy just like a real New York cheesecake, which is actually kind of hard to find in Korea.

I suppose my favorite thing about this cafe is that it is pet friendly. My little doggo loves going to cafes with me and although they had both patio and rooftop seating, it’s nice that I had the option to sit inside with him too. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to take lots of cute pictures with him.

I am totally in love with this cafe and if it wasn’t 3.5 hours away from my house, I’d probably be there every week. It’s beautiful, makes a great cup of coffee, has tasty desserts and is pet friendly… what more could I ask for?!? The only downside is that there really isn’t any easy way to reach this place other than by car or taxi, but if you’re in the area it’s totally worth the pit stop.

  • Hours
    • 11:00 am ~ 10:30 pm, Sunday ~ Thursday
    • 11:00 am ~ 11:00 pm, Friday & Saturday
  • Address
    • 경남 창원시 진해구 태백동 94-7
    • 94-7 Taebaek-dong Jinhae, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Phone
    • 070-8249-9558
  • Instagram

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