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Paper Art Exhibit in Seoul: Paper, Present @ Daelim Museum

Lately I find myself getting reacquainted with my artistic side. I’ve always been pretty artsy, at some point I was even aiming to be an animator for Disney. Though that dream has come and gone, every now and then I find the need to draw, paint or simply create something new. Recently I’ve been obsessing over paper art.

I finally created my first paper art piece, a Mary Blair inspired piece of Alice in Wonderland I created as a gift for my little sister. It wasn’t too shabby for a first try, but it did take me FOREVER to actually complete. My husband always gets so excited when I dip my toes back into the art pool (being an artist himself). He’s always looking for new things to inspire me and actually came across the perfect exhibit to take me to.

Paper, Present is an art exhibition currently being held at the Daelim Museum in Seoul. It features 10 individual and team artists from various fields and countries that “reveal the intrinsic qualities and pure beauty of paper.” Without getting to poetic with my own wording, the exhibit provides a very unique perspective on the use of paper in art and how versatile it actually is.

I was particularly smitten with the works of Zim&Zou, a French artist duo. I guess the best way to describe their work is as paper manipulation. They utilize papers of all textures and colors and essentially create sculptures. Their work is colorful, playful and so incredibly creative. I completely fell in love.

What I really enjoyed about the overall exhibit is that if you look very VERY closely, you can spot tiny imperfections in each piece. For me, it just made the pieces all the more impressive and unique. Imagine someone piecing a paper bird together feather by feather or carving out an intricate design all by hand. I can feel my hands cramping at the mere thought of it. I guess impressed doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt.

The exhibit is a modest three (small) floors, but if you enjoy art or incredible things, it’s definitely worth your time. We loved it so much we went twice and at only 6,000 a person it wasn’t hard to do. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even pick up a paper art kit at the gift shop. I’m yet to build my bird, but I’m very excited to give it a try =)

  • Exhibition Period
    • 12-07-17 ~ 05-27-18
  • Hours
    • 10:00am ~ 6:00pm, Sunday~Wednesday, Friday
    • 10:00am ~ 8:00pm, Thursday & Saturday
  • Address
    • 서울특별시 종로구 자하문로4길 21
    • 21, Jahamun-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
  • Phone
    • 02-720-0667
  • Website
  • Instagram

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