Jinhae Cafe: A Civic Center Coffee (어씨빅센터커피)

Any time I go anywhere, I always look for unique cafes in the area to check out. So, on our way to the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, we decided to drop by cafe I had scouted out on Instagram, A Civic Center Coffee or ACCC. The cafe is located on top of a small hill and is completely surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Inside, the … Continue reading Jinhae Cafe: A Civic Center Coffee (어씨빅센터커피)

Picture Yourself @ Social Club Seoul (소셜클럽서울)

There is something very rewarding about finding pretty places on Instagram and then actually going to those places. While I do come across many of the cafes I blog about by chance, there are those that call to me from the alluring images on Instagram. Social Club Seoul was just such a place. I was at the gym looking at food pics on Instagram (like … Continue reading Picture Yourself @ Social Club Seoul (소셜클럽서울)

Return to Mr. Holmes

When Mr. Holmes Bakehouse first introduced it’s magical cruffins to Seoul, I was instantly hooked. All that flakey, buttery, sugared goodness… who could resist? I was particularly enchanted with their pillow soft brioche doughnuts. Don’t even get me started on their various cream fillings. Needless to say it was love at first bite, but sadly one cannot live off of cruffins alone. It has been … Continue reading Return to Mr. Holmes

Homemade Eclairs @ In. D. Alley (인디앨리)

An eclair isn’t a dessert I frequently crave or even think about for that matter. I guess it takes the right kind of place to make you want something you’ve never wanted before. In. D. Alley is that kind of place for me. When In. D. Alley first opened its doors their primary focus was on choux and eclairs. They were crispy or soft, always … Continue reading Homemade Eclairs @ In. D. Alley (인디앨리)

3 LA Cafes That Will Beautify Your Instagram Feed

My time back in LA was brief and insanely busy, but there’s always time for coffee right?!? So, when I wasn’t binging on Snickerdoodle lattes from Starbucks I did find the time to get my caffeine fix from some pretty trendy LA cafes. Alfred Coffee While Alfred Coffee has various locations, each with a slightly different menu, I happened to end up at their Silverlake branch. … Continue reading 3 LA Cafes That Will Beautify Your Instagram Feed

Innisfree Jeju House: Green Cafe

Beauty Cafes are slowly becoming the newest thing in Seoul. These cafes combine two of my favourite things, cosmetics and coffee. Innisfree has quickly become one of my favourite Korean cosmetics brands. They pride themselves on being a “natural brand,” meaning they use all-natural ingredients in their products and eco-friendly packaging. Like the brand, their ingredients also come from Jeju island, such as Jeju green tea, honey, seaweed, … Continue reading Innisfree Jeju House: Green Cafe

A Picture Perfect Cafe: Dreamy Camera Cafe (꿈꾸는 사진기)

Walt Disney once said, “if you can dream it, you can achieve it,” and every now and then someone comes along to give new meaning to this belief. Roughly 60 miles east of Seoul,  stands a bright red 30 foot tall Rolleiflex twin-lens camera which houses a quaint two story cafe. 꿈꾸는 사진기 also known as the Dreamy Camera Cafe is located in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; … Continue reading A Picture Perfect Cafe: Dreamy Camera Cafe (꿈꾸는 사진기)

A Caffeine Haven: Caffe 꽃을 피우고

What if I told you that there was a place that had a course menu with no food on it? You’d probably think I was crazy.  Being of sound mind, I can assure you there is such a place… a haven for coffee lovers if you will. Caffe 꽃을 피우고, which roughly translates to “the flower blooms,” specializes in hand drip coffee, using coffee beans … Continue reading A Caffeine Haven: Caffe 꽃을 피우고