A Doggie Birthday in Seoul: Happy Pang Pang (해피팡팡)

For a while now I’ve been wanting to celebrate my pup’s birthday with a proper doggie cake for his birthday. Last year we were able to find a salmon muffin at a pet store in the Express Bus Terminal (고속터미널). He enjoyed it quite a bit and it lasted him about a week. While it was a great find, it wasn’t a birthday cake. So I decided to search the Korean blogosphere in hopes of better results. One headache and a few hours later… success!

I came across a bakery called Happy Pang Pang (해피팡팡). They specialize in handmade dog treats and carry everything from kibble and jerky to cookies and cakes! It was exactly what I was looking for and I was over the moon.Happy Pang PangHappy Pang Pang (Interior)

They have 3 locations, but I decided to visit their Mokdong branch (목동점) since it was the closest to my house. It had all the makings of a regular bakery, except everything was for dogs. There was a good amount to choose from too. They had treats made with various fruits, vegetables and meats. They even had pizzas!Handmade CookiesDoggie Birthday Cake

After browsing the snacks for a minute we finally came to the cake section. There were about 6 different cakes to choose from, all ranging from ₩7,500~₩23,900. We were disappointed to learn that the more festive looking cakes had to be preordered about 4~5 days in advance. Luckily they did have a few simpler cakes in stock and we were able to get a nice chicken and sweet pumpkin bunt cake for ₩13,500.Fruit Bunt CakeBirthday Boy

Their cakes are all frozen in airtight packaging to assure freshness, so all we had to do was let it thaw or pop it into a microwave or oven for a few minutes. The girl on staff was super nice and helpful. She was able to answer any and all of our questions. She even gave Uyu some sweet potato chews and a few extra treats for the road.Happy Pang Pang Birthday Bunt Cake

Before leaving, we also picked up a cute little birthday hat and some cookies (₩4,500). After that, the girl rang us up and packaged our cake into an adorable little cake box. It was such a great little shop and our pup absolutely adored the cake! If you like to treat your pet to handmade treats, you should really check this place out. I know I’ll definitely be returning.Our Birthday BoyDelicious Cake

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  1. Hi there! Do you have any other recommendations for pup stuff/shops to visit in Seoul? We’re in town for a bit and we miss our pup loads.. Gotta give him loads of treats once we’re back!

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