Cooling Down @ Hi, Ice Cream in Seoul (하이, 아이스크림)

Checking out the latest art exhibit is one of our favorite things to do, even more so now if it gets us out of this awful heat. So to kick off the summer, my husband decided to surprise me by taking me to an art exhibit entirely dedicated to ice cream! We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived, but what we got was … Continue reading Cooling Down @ Hi, Ice Cream in Seoul (하이, 아이스크림)

A Disney Halloween Bridal Shower

I come from a household of pretty enthusiastic Disney nerds. So when the time came to throw me a bridal shower, my mom and sisters knew exactly what to do. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times to go to Disneyland. I love the decor, ambiance, but most importantly… the seasonal treats! My goal was to try as many seasonal foods as my stomach could … Continue reading A Disney Halloween Bridal Shower

Picture Yourself @ Social Club Seoul (소셜클럽서울)

There is something very rewarding about finding pretty places on Instagram and then actually going to those places. While I do come across many of the cafes I blog about by chance, there are those that call to me from the alluring images on Instagram. Social Club Seoul was just such a place. I was at the gym looking at food pics on Instagram (like … Continue reading Picture Yourself @ Social Club Seoul (소셜클럽서울)

Return to Mr. Holmes

When Mr. Holmes Bakehouse first introduced it’s magical cruffins to Seoul, I was instantly hooked. All that flakey, buttery, sugared goodness… who could resist? I was particularly enchanted with their pillow soft brioche doughnuts. Don’t even get me started on their various cream fillings. Needless to say it was love at first bite, but sadly one cannot live off of cruffins alone. It has been … Continue reading Return to Mr. Holmes

Vintage Desserts @ Decoa Balim (데코아발림) **2ND LOCATION**

Decoa Balim has been one of my favorite cafes for quite a few years now, so I was thrilled to hear that they were going to open a second location. The new cafe is only about a minute away from the original, which is perfect actually. There have been so many times (particularly on the weekends) when I had to go to a different cafe because … Continue reading Vintage Desserts @ Decoa Balim (데코아발림) **2ND LOCATION**