Cre8 Cookies

Update: Cre8 Cookies has since moved to a new location (36 Teheran-ro 25-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul). And, they’ve opened My Seoul Bites, a completely different cafe specializing in beautiful new cookies with afternoon tea.

Cre8 Cookies
Baking Cookies

There are few things in this world more comforting than homemade cookies fresh out of the oven. Let’s be honest, not everyone has the time or the skills required to bake up a batch of cookies on the fly. That’s why I was incredibly thrilled to try a newly opened cookie cafe I had heard about from a friend. Hidden in the complexity that is Itaewon, lies a cute little cookie cafe that makes fresh cookies.

Cookies in the Works

Cre8 Cookies has a trendy Martha Stewart vibe. You get all the homeyness of an open kitchen with exposed ovens, mixers and baking utensils along with a long wooden table that seats eight. Aprons are hung on the door, bags of flour are stacked in a corner and piles of books are displayed on the table and shelves. It’s very intimate and really feels like being invited into someones home. On the other hand, it has a a trendy black, white and light pink color scheme complete with a marble counter for additional seating, dried flowers for decoration and a neon sign that says “Let’s Dough It.”

Cookies & Lemonade
I'm in Love

Overall it’s a very small yet comfortable space. What makes it so unique is that all the cookies are baked when you order them. It’s nice to see everything being prepared right on the countertops. Sometimes there will be cookies cooling on the rack, but you can always opt for whatever is baking in the oven (if you don’t mind salivating for a few minutes). In a lot of ways it reminds me of the times I used to bake with my girlfriends back in college.

Nutella Cookie
Gooey Goodness

As for the cookies themselves, let’s just say they’ve single handedly destroyed my diet. Currently there are three types to choose from: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Almond & White Choco all priced at ₩1,900 a piece. If you’re lucky you might even catch a batch of their off menu Nutella cookies for ₩2,500 a piece.

Strawberry Lemonade
Cold Brew

I’ve tried them all and I’d be lying if I didn’t say they were all insanely delicious. They are all the perfect size, a bit on the thicker side, ever so slightly crisp on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. Anything with chocolate in it is super gooey, basically the stuff dreams are made of. My favorite is probably the Nutella. It’s fatter than the others and the filling oozes out once you bite into one.

Cookies & Milk
Chocolate Chip

If you need something to wash down all that deliciousness with they’ve got Strawberry Lemonade ₩4,800 and Cold Brew Coffee ₩3,800 on the menu. The coffee is made with fresh coffee beans that change every week and the lemonade is sweet and tangy with bits of fresh strawberries in it. Sometimes you can even grab a cup of low fat frothed milk to dip your cookies in. It’s perfect!

Cookies & Cold Brew

So if you’re ever in the mood for cookies fresh out of the oven, check this place out. You can dine in or get your cookies to go. Either way, you’re inner cookie monster will be glad you stopped by.

  • Hours
    • 11:00am ~ 9:00pm, Everyday
  • Address
    • 용산구 이태원동 225-143
    • 225-143 Itaewon 2(i)-dong Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Phone
    • 02-792-8890
  • Instagram

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  1. I love Cre8 cookies. Nowadays they have different menu everyday. It’s so good to have legit cookie place in Seoul.

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