My Seoul Bites: Afternoon Tea with a Korean Twist

I absolutely love afternoon tea! As a child my aunt would hold tea parties at her house. We would all get dressed in frills, gloves and pearls and laugh and talk over delicious finger foods, cakes and tea. They’re some of my fondest memories and I why I still love it so much, even as an adult. I suppose it’s also why I completely fell in love with My Seoul Bites (마이서울바이츠).

My Seoul Bites is a cafe that specializes in a very special type of afternoon tea. It’s kind of an east-meets-west tea set and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The starter comes with 4 cookies served in this beautiful traditional mother of pearl chest of drawers. There are two sesame peanut butter cookies and 2 gochujang chocolate cookies that are moist, crisp and packed with flavor. If I had to choose a favorite, I’d say the gochujang cookie is otherworldly. Honestly, my mind and taste buds were blown away.

For the main course you get this beautifully bojagiwrapped dosirak(Korean lunchbox). The 2 layers are divided into sweet and savory. On the bottom you get grilled scallion pies, crab rangoon dip and bugak/부각 chips (deep-fried seaweed chip). On the top you get mini candied walnut, wild berry, chocolate and dried persimmon cupcakes along with a nutella cookie bar.

These finger foods all definitely look western, but are filled with delicious Korean inspired flavors. As someone who walks the line of American and Korean culture, this tea set perfectly balances the flavors of both worlds and it soothes the soul… and taste buds.

OH! And of course it wouldn’t be afternoon tea without, well, the tea! It comes with two cups of refreshing buckwheat tea to wash everything down with, but I also decided to add on a cup of their fruit filled sangria. If you don’t mind a bit of light day drinking, you won’t regret grabbing a glass.

Aside from the tea sets, they also have these incredible sandwich sugar cookies. If you’re visiting alone, personally I recommend grabbing a box of cookies, a cup of coffee and heading right across the street to enjoy them at the park. They also make excellent souvenirs to take back home.

Whichever you choose, I guarantee you will not regret adding this spot to your Seoul itinerary.

  • 서울 송파구 석촌호수로 258 아르누보팰리스 1F



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