A Day of Cat-astrophic Proportions: 청춘 고양이

If you’ve browsed around my blog, there should be no doubt in your mind that I’m definitely a dog person. I LOVE dogs of every breed shape and size, but to be honest… occasionally I have an itch that only a cat can scratch. While I don’t think I could ever be a cat owner I do think they’re pretty cute. I like the rumbling vibrations that seem to consume their whole bodies when they purr, but I don’t like to be climbed like a short palm tree. Lucky for me cat cafes are located all over Seoul, each with their own particular charm. So whenever I’m in need of a little feline companionship I can pop into a cat cafe to get my fix.Cat Cafe청춘 고양이 Entrance 청춘 고양이Can I help you?

While there are a ridiculous amount of cat cafes to choose from (more than dog cafes), my favorite is 청춘 고양이 located 홍댸 (Hongdae). Schemed in bright reds, whites and browns it looks a bit like a circus playground for cats. Shelves along every wall serve as special display cases for napping cats, while a large play set in the center of the room draws your attention to cats playfully running across its wooden beams and running up its carpeted slide. There’s even a large running wheel for exercise, though I’ve never seen them use it for anything but sleeping. The floor is covered with soft found mats and the windowsills are lined with comfy little beds. In short, it’s a cat kingdom. Everything about this place is definitely catered to the needs and comfort of the cats, with tables and chairs off to the side to accommodate their human guests.Admission MachineBath TimeKittenSoft KittySleeeeeep

Other than the awesome environment, I really like how well kept it is and how they have an entirely separate room for the litter boxes. The smell is really kept to a minimal, almost undetectable. My absolute favorite things about this place are the cats themselves. They are all incredibly friendly and many of them are very active too. Being a dog owner, I like to be around animals with a bit of liveliness in them. These cats will come right up to you and make themselves perfectly at home in your lap, or on your shoulders. Some of them do like to climb people (especially the kittens), so you may not want to wear clothes that are delicate or snag easily… odds are they will not come out of the cafe intact, so be warned.Interior Climbing KittyCat Whisperer Cuddly Face

Like most interesting places in Seoul, the only downside is the price. Pet cafes do tend to charge a bit on the higher side of things. Some places have a mandatory drink purchase policy, while others like this cat cafe have a set admission fee that includes a “free” beverage. Either way you slice it, you’re paying 8,000 for a cup of coffee. If you’re visiting Korea, however, it’s definitely worth the price for this unique experience. If you live here… well it’s still nice to visit a pet cafe every now and then, especially if you can’t keep a pet of your own.Lounging Ready to Pounce Daydreaming Bat EarsCat Eyes

Overall this is a fantastic cat cafe and my personal favorite. I even took my sister there when she was visiting from the states and she had a really great time. If you’re looking for one with cats who are a bit more on the mellow side, you can check out Always Cat in 강남 (Gangnam). Wherever you choose to go, you’re definitely guaranteed a fun time time with a nice cup of coffee and cute furry company. Until next time…Kisses청춘 고양이 Map

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