The One and Only: The Famous Lamb

The Famous LambThe Famous Lamb is a lovely little cafe tucked away in one of the many back alleys of 홍대 (Hongdae). It’s here that I like to retreat to for a little quiet time in the afternoon or a lovely breakfast in the morning with my other half. There is something very quaint and calming about this place. Perhaps it’s the charming white and teal color scheme, simple furniture and brightly colored paintings. Or maybe it’s the random Spanish music and small intimate space framed with glass windows that seem to welcome in the shimmering sunlight. Whatever the case, it’s a great place to stop on by.The Famous LambInteriorInteriorThe Famous Lamb

First, the sandwiches here are excellent! I love going in the early afternoon for lunch, although it can get a bit busy with customers who have the same thing in mind. My favorite item on the menu would definitely have to be the salmon sandwich. Complete with cream cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, capers, LOTS of salmon and of course a special sauce. It is not only delicious but also a great option for those of us looking for healthy eating options. On that note, the Italian chicken sandwich is also another great choice. The chicken breast they use is so tender and very well seasoned. In addition, each sandwich comes with a salad. Now that’s my kind of lunch!Italian Chicken Sandwich Salmon Sandwich

Now on the drink side of things, you have all kinds of options. There are of course coffees, teas and smoothies, but their most famous drink is the strawberry banana con leche. Made with fresh bananas, strawberries, milk and what tastes like a hint of coconut, it’s the perfect drink for and sunny afternoon… or morning or night. I’ve tried lots of their drinks, but this my number one pick. If you could only try one thing on the menu, I would recommend this drink. All the drinks come in glass milk bottles, which I found to be pretty cute. If you’re a big chocolate lover, however, you may want to try The Famous Lamb Chocolate. It’s like drinking down a bunch of Ghirardelli chocolate bars. A bit much for me, but perhaps heaven for others (like my mom).Famous Lamb Chocolate Strawberry Banana Con LecheCaramel Macchiato

If you’re more in the snacking mood they also have a great variety of in-house made desserts. I am a huge fan of earl grey, so the earl grey chiffon cake is a natural choice for me. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a soft piece of cake before. Not only that, but the flavor was incredibly distinct and it came with two dollops of light sweet cream. It’s easily the best chiffon cake I’ve ever had!Earl Grey Chiffon

BreadsNow for the crown jewel… their ₩5,000 breakfast buffet! Every morning between 8:30~11:30 a.m., The Famous Lamb serves a lovely simple little buffet breakfast of freshly baked rolls, breads, croissants and scones along with ham, bacon, eggs, cheese and fresh fruits. You also get a bowl of hot mushroom chowder and a tray of spreads for the bread. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a wonderful way to start the day. I love going with my boyfriend on the weekends, though it does get a bit crowded with families. It’s definitely worth a go. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. So until next time… Happy Eating!!!Breakfast Buffet Mushroom Chowder Spreads Breakfast PlateLovely Breakfast The Famous Lamb Map

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    1. OH! I totally forgot to add the map ^^;; I don’t have the address, so I hope this map is helpful. Let me know if you have any problems finding it ^^

  1. thanks for the awesome pictures and helpful info. question, is there an actual live lamb inside the cafe??

    1. No problem Mae! ^^
      Actually, there used to be a lamb inside the cafe back in 2010. Her name was Alice and she belonged to the store owners. I’m not sure if the cafe has changed ownership since then or if something happened to the sheep, but it is no longer there T.T

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