The **NEW** Bau House

If you follow my blog and have gone in search of Bau House in 홍대 (Hongdae), you may have been surprised to find it nowhere in sight. No need to despair friends! Actually, they moved to a bigger, better and easier to find location near 합정역 (Hapjeong Station). It’s been quite sometime now since the move, sorry for the super late post.Nap Time

The new location has a fresh modern look to it, complete with new furniture and plenty of sunlight. The natural wood, grey brick and light green color scheme really give it a spacious and clean appeal. With all the windows and diligent staff members, you don’t have to worry about that stale heavy dog smell lingering about. Spring and summer evenings are the best because they open up the panel windows and it lets in a nice fresh breeze.NEW Bau HousePuppy-Dog Eyes

Day DreamingOne of the best things about this fresh new location is that it is actually divided into two separate sections; one for big dogs and one for little dogs. This is great for guests or toy dogs (like mine) who don’t do to well around large dogs. Personally, it gives my dog some roaming space where I don’t have to worry about big dogs chasing him (he likes to pick fights he can’t win ^^;;).Photobomb Waiting...

Faces of Bau HouseIf you have a dog and need a babysitter when you go out of town, I highly recommend using their hotel service. I have used it twice already and they have taken very good care of my baby. It’s great because my puppy gets a chance to mingle with other dogs and people in an open space, where as if I were to take him to a vet or pet store, he’d pretty much be stuck in a cage most of the day. The only down side is that it’s a bit pricey. They also offer bath services for bigger dogs. Of course the English of the staff is very limited, so if you’d like to make an appointment it”s important that you bring a native Korean speaker with you.Sweet DreamsChihuahua Mix

X-FileBau House is always a fun stop to make, especially with visiting friends. I really love going here, especially during the weekday afternoons when its pretty much just the dogs and me. I know… I’m greedy. It’s always fun to see the many different faces that come though like the Samoyed triplets, as well as the familiar ones, like the infamous Bau. I love him! While this post is mostly an excuse to share some of my many photos, I really hope you found it helpful and informative. So, until next time…Treats PleaseBau House Map

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  1. Thanks for the information 🙂 I was thinking of using the hotel service there for an overnight stay soon, but was wondering how much it is for a night? Thanks~

    1. Hi Jenny! Well, it really depends on the the size of your dog. The current price range starts at ₩17,000 and goes up to ₩22,000. It went up up bit since I last used their service. Also, if your dog is not neutered they may not take him/her. If they do… they may separate him/her from the other dogs. If your lil’ buddy has any special needs, just be sure to tell them and it’ll get taken care of. OH! I’m not sure if you can speak Korean, but if you can’t you will definitely need someone to help you out (no one there really speaks any English ^^;;) It’s a really great place though! I’m super overprotective, but they did a really good job and gave him lots of attention… I’m sure you will like it too ^^

      1. Thanks for your reply Lexi! That’s great~ I’ll definitely try taking him there soon. I’m sure he’ll love it 🙂

    1. Nope! You can just walk right in ^^ However, there may be a bit of a wait depending on what time you go… especially during the weekends.

  2. Hi, I was checking the map to see how to go to Bau House from the station.
    But google maps lead to a construction site. Do you know which road to take ?

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