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Fancy Treats for a Fancy Dog

Now it’s no big secret that I totally pamper my dog. At home, he has a basket of toys, a box of clothes/ accessories, a drawer full of collars and a shelf full of treats in the kitchen. Because he’s a maltese, I also groom him daily and take him for a bath every other week. I love my dog! I’ve always believed dogs to be part of the family, not just pets. Needless to say it was very hard leaving him in Korea while I visited family and friends in California for a week. I didn’t want to put him through the stress of a 23 hour round-trip flight, so I left him in the very capable hands of the staff over at Bau House. So, on the plus side it was a good opportunity for him to mingle with other dogs without having me around to hide behind. He loves people, but when it come to other dogs (and children), he’s a bit on the antisocial side. Three Dog Bakery

Anyhow, like any good parent, I really wanted to bring him a present from my travels. As luck would have it, I came across a place called “Three Dog Bakery” a bakery for dogs! I had heard about a lot of these types of shops popping up before I left for Korea, but I didn’t have a dog to spend all my money on at the time. This chain has apparently been around since 1989. Wow! They use 100% all natural ingredients, which means you will actually know what all the ingredients in the snacks are and can even eat them yourself. The guy at the store told me that some diabetic customers even by them for themselves. I thought that was pretty cool, but didn’t think my lil’ sister would appreciate me buying her dog treats (hehee ^^;;). Non-Regrigerated TreatsRefrigerated Snacks

Banana Mutt BreadTreats are made fresh in the store daily, you can even see the big oven behind the counter. You can even order customized cakes for special occasions. There were so many different types of treats to choose from I wanted to buy everything! The treats were divided up by refrigerated and non-refrigerated types. The refrigerated types were much cooler in my opinion (no pun intended). They had things like carrot cakes, brownies, and tarts. Each one complete with a cute little names like “Puptarts” or “Basset Burger.” Carrot CakeBasset BurgerPuptarts

The non-refrigerated types weren’t too bad either. On this side you could find cookies, donuts and biscuits also with amusing names like “Snicker Poodles” and “Doggie O’s.” This was the side I chose from since I had to take them on the plane back to Korea.Doggie O'sMad CatSpearmutt Cup

Chocolate Chip Cookies The guy who worked there was incredibly helpful and knowledgable about all the snacks and other products. He was able to answer all of my questions and give me recommendations based on the breed of my dog. I was in the store for quite some time, although I don’t know if it was out of indecisiveness or the sheer joy of having a conversation with a store clerk in English. Inside the Bakery

The HaulThere were also special box sets, so in the end I decided to buy a 1/2 dozen box. My boyfriend chose 3 and I chose 3. The best part was that the cups that came with a bunch of little cookies counted as 1 and all the single smaller cookies we chose got doubled up. It was such a great deal! I couldn’t wait to bring them back to Uyu. He really loves them, especially the “Pooch Smooch” snacks. I will definitely be buying more during my next visit. Maybe I’ll even take him with me.Cookies in BedUyu

I really recommend this place to you If you have a dog. I went to the location at The Grove, but they have locations all over the states. You can check out their website HERE to find a location closest to you. You can also order stuff directly from their site. Oh! For those of you living abroad like me, they also post up one of their recipes every month so you can make some of their snacks at home. How great is that!?! “Bone”appetite!

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