Hidden Treasures: 8 1/2 *UPDATED*

Seoul is chockfull of tiny little restaurants, cafes and boutiques. I guess that’s part of its charm; leave no crevice unfilled. This particular “charm” also makes it very difficult to find good/ unique places at times. I can imagine this to be particularly frustrating for tourists on a time schedule, or even those who are staying in Korea temporarily. For people living in Korea indefinitely, … Continue reading Hidden Treasures: 8 1/2 *UPDATED*

Brunch: The Most Important Meal of the Day

When Julie Andrews sang a song of her favorite things, I have a thing or two she may have missed; one of them being brunch! I love breakfast, but far to often my random and sometimes hectic schedule doesn’t permit me to indulge in this morning ritual of bliss. So for me, and others like me, brunch was created. The joy of having breakfast in … Continue reading Brunch: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Ellie House

Korea has become quite well known for its pet cafes, especially among tourists. Dog and cat cafes can be found all over Seoul, but that doesn’t mean they are all worth going to. Areas that are heavily populated with tourists tend to have pet cafes that are less than enjoyable because they are over crowded, understaffed or not very well maintained. To any dog lover … Continue reading Ellie House

The **NEW** Bau House

If you follow my blog and have gone in search of Bau House in 홍대 (Hongdae), you may have been surprised to find it nowhere in sight. No need to despair friends! Actually, they moved to a bigger, better and easier to find location near 합정역 (Hapjeong Station). It’s been quite sometime now since the move, sorry for the super late post. The new location has a … Continue reading The **NEW** Bau House

White Day 2013

Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day comes the holiday known as White Day. While guys get all the love, attention and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, March 14th is a time for them to return the favor to their lovely ladies. Unlike the  chocolate inspired deliciousness that is Valentine’s Day, White Day focuses more on the sugary goodness of candy. Quite frankly I prefer chocolate to … Continue reading White Day 2013