31 Flavors and So Much More!

I know I have previously touched on the wonder that is the Korean café experience, but I can’t help bringing it up again. I have become a café junkie ever since I moved to Seoul and how could I not? There is an endless sea of trendy, clean, comfortable and tasty caffeinated establishments that beacon me. Don’t worry, today I won’t be babbling about coffee, but rather ice cream. Yes, ice cream cafés! More specifically Baskin Robins 31 Flavors.

Ice Cream Panda

Original 팥빙수 (patbingsu)

Sure, when you first think about BR it doesn’t sound all that special. We’ve been to the shops when all they had was ice cream and that was that. Koreans, however, have been able to transform this simple parlor into a hot hang out spot. If that doesn’t do it for you how about trying one of their other two sister stores? That’s right, three levels of ice cream eating bliss: Baskin Robins, Baskin Robins Café and Favorite * D by Baskin Robins.

Baskin Robins: Here you can enjoy all your basic ice cream favorites like shakes, parfaits, scoops, sundaes, ice cream cakes and even 팥빙수 (patbingsu). If you have yet to try it, it is a definite must in the summertime here in Korea. Sometimes there may be other special items on the menu, but they don’t usually carry all the ingredients because it’s a smaller location. The store itself is usually the basic one floor pink and blue colored shop. Cute, clean and simple.

Too cute to eat!


Baskin Robins Café: These locations are usually at least two floors and very spacious. The decor is also taken up a bit with cute pink ice cream spoon door handles and colorful ice cream paintings on the walls. Along with all the basic delicious treats you can grab at BR you can also grab special ice cream blended coffees, various types of ice cream filled choux and my personal favorite, ice cream fondue. If you haven’t had it yet, and you are as crazy about ice cream as me, it’s an absolute MUST! It comes with various flavored ice cream balls, fresh fruit, pound cake, cheesecake, brownies and hot chocolate fondue. Honestly I could probably gobble it all down myself, but it is more than enough for at least three people.

Ice Cream Heaven

It's Crêpetastic

Favorite * D: This is the ultimate combination of luxury and ice cream, and by far my most favorite of the three. The inside is what I imagine ice cream heaven to look like. Everything is powder pink and pearl white. The decor is elegant yet modern. When shown to your table, you are given a fairly extensive menu with a special insert for the day’s specials. In addition to everything from the other two stores, you also have an array of special dishes like crème brûlée and ice cream, ice cream crêpes, fudge brownies and ice cream, etc. Every item is served in a lovely presentation, making is almost too difficult to eat… ALMOST. So far I’ve only been there once, but I will definitely be going back soon. Happy Eating!

Something for the road

Head out Exit #7 at Gangnam Station and just walk straight. You'll see the double (triple?) leveled store on your right.

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