Cat Scratch Fever

Now I’m more of a dog person… nothing against cats or anything, but I just like my pets to be a little more attentive and social. I guess I’m just a firm believer in the whole “man’s best friend” ideology. I guess you could say I like cats but I would never want to own one.

Despite my undying love for dogs, apparently I’m friends with a lot of cat lovers (my cat crazed little sister included). This being said, I have had to go to a lot of cat cafes over the years. Cat cafes are a lot easier to come by than dog cafes. I suppose they do take up less space and require less maintenance. Not to mention the girls in Korea tend to be so easily startled by dogs. I can’t tell you how many times girls have screamed or run away at the very sight of my tiny little Maltese.

Don't Touch MeAnyhow, it’s not easy finding a good cat cafe. A lot of times they will smell pretty bad because of all the litter boxes and have cats that don’t like to be bothered. If you try to pet one, there’s a good chance you’ll get the “what do you think you’re doing?” glance right before it changes location. If you’re somewhere where the cats don’t want to be played with, it can be a REALLY boring time.Kitty Kick

Luckily, I have two pretty great places to tell you about. So, I will make this a two part post so I can share a lot of the great pictures I took for all you cat lovers out there!Follow the DoraemonLuna

Always CatThis particular trip was set into motion by my little sister 혜상. On this day, my boyfriend, his cousins and I had all gone out for a little family fun time and ended up at a cat cafe after following Doraemon through the streets of 강남 (Gangnam). I’m sure weirder things have happened right? Anyways, the place is called ‘Always Cat.’ It’s reasonably sized and very clean. It also has a really nice calm atmosphere which is enhanced by its natural wood furniture, white walls and subtle light green and pink accents. The room is completely catered to be a felines paradise; full of towering cat structures, hammocks, stairs leading to high bookcases, thick roof beams for the ninja in every cat and lots of toys.Cat NapCat Paradise

Lazy BoyKitty GamesCat CupsLike most pet cafes, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee, but everyone in your party must purchase a drink. Not a coffee lover? No problem! They have lots of non-caffeinated lattes, teas, and juices. Fur free? Maybe… This place also serves the drinks with 안주 (anju), which is a side dish; in this case pretzels. I love 안주! Not all places do this, so it is a big plus to a foodie like me.May I Take Your Order?Tea CatMine!


Another cool thing about this place is that they provide free board games and books. There’s even a helpful little book that tells you all the names of the cats and their breeds. We all played some card games and a couple of rounds of Jenga. In the end, the loser had to go pet the demon cat of ‘Always Cat,’ who would claw and attack anyone who dared to touch him. Games are always a great bonding activity.JengaStory TimeEye-To-Eye

Kitty Kisses They have a pretty nice variety of cats, even a three-legged one. They weren’t the most active bunch, but not too anti-social either. If you’re looking for a place that’s not too overwhelming and good for a relaxing time with friends, this is a great place. Coffee, games and cats, what more could you ask for? For another cat-tastic café suggestion, stay tuned…Cat EyesSleep StandingFamily Pc

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