Château Labiotte: Wine Lipstick, Lip Tint & Balm

If you’re a wine lover, you will fall in love with the wine cosmetic line from Château Labiotte. As the little sister of the popular cosmetic brand Tony Moly, Château Labiotte is one of the lesser known Korean beauty brands. To be honest, it wasn’t until I spotted their wine inspired cosmetics that I even noticed the brand.Wine Collection

Their wine line includes lipsticks, lip tints, lip balms and even mascaras. While these products all contain some sort of wine extract, the real drawing point would have to be the packaging. Everything comes packaged in cute little wine bottles with beautiful gold foil labels. Even the boxes they come in are lovely, with their shimmery metallic labels and gold cursive fonts. Luckily all the caps can be twisted off, no corkscrew required.

Wine Lip Tint

The first product to catch my eye was the Wine Lip Tint (₩12,000). I’m not really big on lip tints even though they are insanely popular here in Korea, but in those cute little wine bottles… how could I resist? The tint comes in six different shades beautiful shades, but I opted for the Chardonnay Orange (OR01). I was really surprised at how pigmented and bold the shade was. The actual color is a bright summery orange-red with an opaque lacquered finish. It’s something I had never tried before, but I’m so glad I did!Wine Lip TintWine Lip Tint (detail)

All the tints are made with a French wine extract and actually have a bit of a fruity wine flavour to them. The tinting effect itself is actually quite strong, so it pretty much lasts all day. They are also really easy to create a gradient effect with. I think my only complaint would be that they can be a tad watery when you apply them and a bit drying if you don’t apply a more moisturising lip balm first. Other than that, I’m actually quite pleased with the product and it’s results.Wine Lip Tint (sample)

Wine Lip Tint Mini

If your sceptical of lip tints, like me, you can always grab a mini lip tint for only ₩4,000. These are only available in 3 colors, but it’s a great way to try out the product without having to shell out ₩12,000. They are also perfect to take around with you on trips, in your clutch or pocket. Just FYI: Right now, if you purchase a Wine Lipstick at any Labiotte store, you can get a mini lip tint for free! I got the Rose Coral (CR01), which is perfect for an everyday kind of look.Wine Lip Tint MiniWine Lip Tint Mini (detail)

Wine Lipstick

Since I was trying the lip tints, I thought I’d give the wine lipsticks a go too. The lipsticks (₩16,000) are classified as a “melting” type, as they have a very creamy texture and glide on with complete ease. The lipsticks are made with a château margaux wine extract and come in 8 different colors.Wine Lipstick

I chose the D’yqem Nude (BE01) for a more natural everyday color. Although it’s the lightest and most natural option, it’s still quite pigmented. This particular shade has a nice pinkish hue to it. While the vibrance doesn’t last all day, the lipstick itself is actually quite long-lasting. It’s also decently moisturising, though I recommend applying a lip balm first.  What I like most about it is the creamy texture. They remind me a bit of the Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipsticks from Etude House (my current favourite). Also, it also comes with a spongy tip to create a gradation look which I found to be pretty cool!Wine Lipstick (detail)

Wine Lip Balm

The wine lip balm (₩8,500) is the only product in the line that doesn’t come in a bottle because it comes in a super cute wine glass. The balms come in 3 different colors: White, Rose, Red. All very fitting to buy by the glass. They are made with château margaux wine extract and French organic grape seed oil, which are meant to give lips extra moisture.Wine Lip Balm

I decided to go for the Rose Wine (02) color, being a fan of rosé wine and all. The color is a lovely bright shade of pinkish-orange coral that very lightly colors the lips. It’s very natural looking and has a sweet fruity fragrance. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the gummy and sticky texture, since it makes it bit difficult and messy to apply it. That aside, though the color faded a bit by the end of the day, my lips really did feel moist and hydrated all day long.Wine Lip Balm (detail)


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