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Clean Eating @ Bad Farmers (배드파머스)

Now that summer is in full swing, I feel like dozens of salad spots have magically popped up over night and everyone is flocking to them. Aside from the obvious health benefits, salads are the perfect meal if you don’t want to feel bloated after lunch or want something light and fresh on a hot humid day. Unfortunately salads have a pretty bad rap for not being very filling or satisfying. Personally, I love a good salad… if they’re made right.Bad FarmersBad Farmers Neon

Enter Bad Farmers. With its vibrant coat of barn red paint, old mismatched wooden furniture and cacti adorned table tops you really get a feel for it’s ranch/ farm style concept. The inside has a pretty cozy feel with one side fixed with a modest set of 10 tables and the other with 2 long tables for community style seating. The outside also holds a few picnic tables for outdoor seating (when the weather permits). I really love the friendly community feel of the layout, but because of the limited seating there is often a wait… especially at lunch time or on the weekends.Bad Farmers (Interior)

As for the menu, Bad Farmers offers 6 types of salads, 4 types of open sandwiches, about 9 different juices and 7 yogurt/fruit cups. A pretty decent selection for a salad spot. And, all of their salads come paired with a specially made dressing, a cup of the soup of the day and a piece of toast. The overall presentation of the salad bowls is so pretty and colorful that it’s hard not to get excited about eating them. Though I haven’t tried all of the salads, my top 2 favourites would have to be the Avo Cobb and the Bad Farmers.Salad BowlsGuaca Green

The Bad Farmers salad (₩11,500) it exactly what I think a “basic” salad should be. It comes with quinoa, roast chicken, rucola, brocolli, shredded cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes halves, corn and millet. The quinoa is seasoned with some kind of salsa, so it gives the salad a nice little kick. It also comes with this fantastic basil pesto dressing. I really love how flavorful it is, it makes me want to actually eat healthy.Bad Farmers SaladBad Farmers Salad

The  Avo Cobb (₩13,500) is perfect for a salmon lover like me. It comes with avocado, smoked salmon, halved cherry tomatoes, olives, boiled egg, corn, romaine and roast chicken with a side of miso sesame dressing. Because of the salmon and avocados, this bowl is a bit pricier than the others, but it totally satisfies my salmon cravings. I think my only complaint would be that sometimes the amount of salmon given can be a bit “frugal.”Avo CobbAvo Cobb

If a salad isn’t quite enough to subside your hunger, I recommend trying one of their open sandwiches. These are basically pieces of toast with various topping and will run you ₩7,500~₩7,900 for two pieces or ₩11,000~₩11,500 for three. One of my favorites would have to be the salmon, guacamole and feta cheese because I can honestly never get enough salmon. Also, though I’m not a fan of guacamole (I know…I’m crazy) it worked surprisingly well in this combination and didn’t dominate the overall flavor.Salmon, Guacamole and Feta Cheese

I think my absolute favourite would have to be the simple cream cheese and blueberry open sandwich. Because of the sweetness of the blueberries and creaminess of the cream cheese, it feels a bit like a dessert. It’s really the perfect way to wrap up the meal and satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty.Cream Cheese and Blueberry Sharing a Toast

Just recently I decided to try one of their juices out of curiosity (all the vibrant color options really pulls you in). I tried the blueberry, strawberry, grapefruit, apple and pear juice. It sounds like overkill, I know, but it was actually quite good! All their juices contain no sugar, no water and have only fruits and vegetables in them. I was really impressed with the natural sweetness. Though it costs ₩7,900 a bottle, I could definitely see myself grabbing one from time to time.Fruit JuiceFruit Juice & Toast

Bad farmers is definitely one of my favourite go to places for clean eats. I’ll be honest, the prices are a bit steep but realistically it’s probably what you would pay for a dessert and coffee at a cafe. With that in mind, it’s a great substitute. It’s also filling, flavourful and actually makes you want to continue eating healthy. If your looking to treat your body to some good and healthy eats this summer, check out Bad Farmers!Lunch TimeLunch @ Bad Farmers

  • Hours
    • 11:00am~9:00pm, Monday~Thursday
    • 11:00am~9:30pm, Friday~Saturday
    • 11:00am~8:00pm, Sunday
  • Address
    • 서울특별시 강남구 압구정로 4길 31 1층
    •  523-21 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Phone
    • 02-515-8400
  • Website
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    • Bad Farmers on Instagram

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