Beyond: Alice in Wonderland Makeup Collection

Character collaborations have been taking the cosmetics world in Korea by storm. Its seems as though every cosmetic line has done some kind of character collaboration at one point or another. Right now, road-shop brand Beyond is doing an Alice in Wonderland collaboration. Being a HUGE Disney nerd and an Alice in Wonderland enthusiast I had to try out a few of their products.Alice in Wonderland Makeup Collection


As I’ve mentioned in my previous cosmetics post, BB Cushions have become quite popular as of late. This cushion comes in a beautifully illustrated compact case that can be reused by simply replacing the actual BB cream with a refill. It comes in two shades: 01. Milk Cake and 02. Vanilla Cake. The product itself gives moderate coverage, though I’d highly recommend using a primer and concealer beforehand. I tend to have pretty dry skin, so it was nice to find that it does provide some nourishment and moisture due to the royal black tea extract in it (a fitting ingredient for Alice products). It also has a nice healthy glow finish, that’s not overly dewy or shiny. However, something I don’t really like about it is how I have to reapply it after a few hours because it wears off or gets a bit cakey. Overall I like the case a bit more than the actual product. It’s not bad, but personally I feel like the Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl from Etude House gives me a bit more moisture and coverage.BEYOND ALICE IN GLOW CUSHION (SET)BEYOND ALICE IN GLOW CUSHION


I was really intrigued by their glittery eyeshadows. There are 10 shades to choose from, so I decided to pick one up in 05. Almond Crumble. It’s described as a cream eyeshadow, but I found it to be more of a tightly packed glitter. This particular shade has a lovey gold pigmentation, but it can be a bit flaky and difficult to apply. I had a hard time getting it to stick to my makeup brush. Once it’s applied, however, it does look nice and glittery. Like the cushion, this also comes in a pretty metallic Alice case that keeps the shadow well contained.BEYOND ALICE IN GLOW CREAM SHADOW

BEYOND Alice In Glow Gradation Kit

The nail polish kit is probably my favourite product of the three I’ve tried so far. It comes with 3 different shades: 01. Alice’s Dress (base color), 02. Alice’s Dream (middle color), 03. Wonderland (top color) plus some nail art stickers. The product is advertised as a gradient kit, though I found it impossible to achieve that look with these polishes. I’ve purchased gradient kits before that work like a dream, but the colours and consistency of these aren’t right for the job. The colours on their own, however, are really pretty and the stickers go on really smoothly without peeling off or getting lumpy. I really love the overall look.BEYOND Alice In Glow Gradation KitAlice Nail Art

Other cosmetics in this line include oil lip tints, hand creams and cheek & lip cream blusher. The fragrances of the hand creams didn’t really appeal to me, but I may give the lip tint and blusher a shot next time I have the chance. If your interested in these products you can check them out at any Beyond, brows their collection HERE or click the product links to buy them on Amazon. They’ve also just released the “Alice in Blooming” collection, so I’ll be sure to update you all when I try it out. Until next time…

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  1. Hello Lexi, I am one of your reader and totally a newbie for blogging.I’ve been to Korea before and I love the fact that you moved to Korea to pursue your dream. I mean, mannn, that is like my goal. I’ve been learning on how to write and speak in hangguk right now and totally love it. It is pretty much from all the dramas and kpop that I’ve been loving. I hope you have a success life in Korea and praying that I can go there again soon and explore all parts of Korea. Cheers xx.

    1. Thank so much for reading my blog! It really means a lot to me and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it ^^ I always encourage people to pursue their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. It sounds like you are well on your way to learning Korean (I know it isn’t easy) I’m sure if you continue, you will be more fluent than I am ^^;; Thanks for your kind words. I really hope you get the chance to explore Korea more some day <3 화이팅!!!

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