Pokémon Cosmetics Haul: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

It’s not new news that Pokémon fever has swept the world with the release of the ever popular Pokémon Go game. Sadly, we have been unable to get that (Poké)ball rolling here in South Korea. While that’s getting sorted out, we have been able to keep ourselves temporarily satisfied in other ways, such as visiting the city of Sokcho (속초) which, by the magical grace of Mew, is the only place in S. Korea that the game actually works.Pokémon ♥ Tony Moly Haul

Did I also mention a line of Pokémon Korean cosmetics that have recently hit the shelves? Right now, popular road-shop brand Tony Moly has stocked their shelves with a special “Pokémon ♥ Tony Moly” collaboration. While the products largely focus on Pikachu and Jigglypuff, they do have a couple of other characters on their products. The cosmetics themselves range from foam cleansers, hand creams and face masks to lip tints, blushers and nail polishes and it’s glorious! Though tempted, I didn’t buy everything in the store. Here’s what I got.Pokémon ♥ Tony Moly

Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion (피카츄 미니 커버 쿠션)

The Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion is really adorable and perfect for travel since it’s “mini” and much smaller than your typical cushion. The cushion case has a mirror inside and comes with an adorable pokeball puff that I simply can’t bring myself to actually use. The Pikachu on the cover of the case is different depending on the tone you purchase. Unfortunately it only comes in two tones #01 Skin Beige (스킨베이지) and #02 Warm Beige (웜베이지). The colors run a bit on the lighter side, so I got #02 Warm Beige. As we head into winter the color works pretty well with my skin tone, though I don’t know if that will be the case when summer rolls around and I start to tan. On the plus side, the formula is actually quite good and has pretty decent coverage especially when it comes to redness. The finish is a bit on the dewy side, but gives off more of a natural glow more than anything. It’s definitely worth the purchase.Pikachu Mini Cover CushionPikachu Mini Cover Cushion (open)

Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher (피카츄 미니 쿠션 블러셔)

Like the Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion, the super cute Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher also comes in a “mini” travel friendly size. It comes in three colors #01 Pink Fantasy (핑크 판타지), #02 Rose Coral (로즈코럴) and #03 Peach Orange (피치오렌지). Each blusher comes with an adorable pokéball cushion and a unique Pikachu expression on the lid, which really makes you want to buy them all. Luckily I restrained myself and bought just one. Though I really liked the summery feel of the Peach Orange, the Rose Coral adds just enough of a pinkish-orange to give the cheeks a subtle natural flush. Personally I don’t prefer to use blushes all that much, but this one is pretty sheer so I don’t mind it. It also has a nice fruity scent to it. I could sniff it all day. If you’re not into that, fear not, it doesn’t linger on the skin for too long.Pikachu Mini Cushion BlusherPikachu Mini Cushion Blusher (open)

Purin Peach Pact (푸린 복숭아 팩트)

The Purin Peach Pact is one of the Jigglypuff inspired items. This powder pact comes in two shades #01 Cotton Vanilla (솜털 바닐라) and #02 Cotton Beige (솜털 베이지). I got the cotton beige because it is a warmer color and I didn’t want to risk looking like a ghost. Luckily this powder is very sheer and practically translucent. It does a really good job of removing any oil/ shine from my skin without making my skin look cakey and it works really well with the Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion if you don’t prefer the dewy finish. The product itself is really cute. The powder has and nice peach fragrance to it and a Jigglypuff embossed right on it and the case comes with a mirror and puff. My only complaint is that it’s made with cheap plastic, so it’s likely to crack if I ever drop it.Purin Peach PactPurin Peach Pact (open)

Pika Pika Get It Tint (피카피카 겟잇 틴트)

Although I’m starting to accrue a lot of tints as of late, I had to try at least one of the Pika Pika Get It Tints. These tints come in three different shades, #01 Clear Coral (클리어코랄) #02 Red Hot (레드핫) and #03 Red Joy (레드조이). I got #01 Clear Coral, which has a nice pinkish-orange hue to it and a semi-glossy finish. It comes in a really cute yellow capped bottle with one of the three variations of Pikachu on the front. I was really impressed with this tint. It stains really well and is long lasting. The vibrance does fade a bit throughout the day, but it’s nothing that can’t be easily remedied with a quick touchup.Pika Pika Get It Tint

Pokémon Eye Palette (포켓몬 아이 팔레트)

The Pokémon Eye Palettes just hit the shelves last week and were my final purchase for this collaboration. I wanted to wait until they came out so I can give a full review and I’m so glad I did. There are two palettes to choose from, #01 Pikachu (부끄부끄 피카츄) and #02 Purin (샤방샤방 푸린). Each pallet comes with 3 colors, 2 shimmers and one matte, along with a mirror and double ended sponge tipped applicator. Pikachu is a cool toned palette with three brown variations: Opening (오프닝), Peanut (피넛) and Tem Tem (템템). Purin (Jigglypuff), on the other hand, is a warm toned palette with a combination of pinks and browns: Happening (헤프닝), Rosie Day (로지데이) and Classic Brown (클래식브라운). I really like both of these palettes. They have very little fallout and nice pigmentation. Best of all, they are definitely different enough from each other to justify the purchase of both.Pikachu Eye PalettePikachu Eye Palette (open)Jigglypuff Eye PaletteJigglypuff Eye Palette (open)

Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet (피카츄 보습 마스크 시트)

Sheet masks are the best and I’m alway up for trying new ones. The Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet was exactly what I needed right now. With the weather getting colder and drier, my skin is in desperate need of moisture. This mask contains honey extract and is literally dripping with a goopy essence, which means theres more than enough left in the package to put on your neck and and any crevices the mask doesn’t get to. After removing the mask and allowing my skin to soak everything in, my skin was fully hydrated and quite soft. Though I’ve only used it once, I could see immediate results, so I will definitely be going back for more. This particular mask was given to me as a free gift with my purchase, but they do sell various Pokémon sheet masks in stores.Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet

Pokémon Hand Cream (포켓몬 핸드 크림)

  • Get Pikachu HERE
  • Get Jigglypuff HERE

I have a ton of hand creams, but that certainly didn’t prevent me from buying a few Pokémon Hand Creams. There are 8 different hand creams to choose from, each character with its own fragrance. There’s Pikachu: Vanilla, Charmander: Grapefruit, Bulbasaur: Green Tea, Squirtle: Lotus, Jigglypuff: Peach, Togepi: Lemon, Snorlax: Lavender and Eevee: Powder. I went ahead and got Pikachu and Jigglypuff since I’m more of a sweet foodie fragrance kind of girl. The Jigglypuff has a light sweet peach fragrance, while the Pikachu smells like vanilla cake making it my favorite. They come in cute character adorned tubes and are the perfect size to keep in your bag and take with you on the go.Pokémon Hand Cream

Pokémon Nail Polish (포켓몬 반짝반짝 네일 폴리쉬) & Pokémon Water Decal Stickers (포켓몬 워터 데칼 스티커)

My Poké-haul would not be complete without at least one or two of their cute nail polishes. The polishes come in 6 different colors/ characters: #01 Psyduck , #02 Pikachu, #03 Charmander, #04 Oddish,  #05 Slowpoke and #06 Jigglypuff. Of all the colors, Jigglypuff was my favorite. It’s a lovely pinkish lavender color with a bit of shimmer in it. I also had to have the Pikachu polish which is a clear color with cute little thunderbolt, star and glitter confetti in it. As if that weren’t enough, they also have two cute Water Decal Sticker sheets to go with all the Pokémon inspired colors. I bought one of each sheet. #01 My Friend Pikachu (내친구 피카츄) comes with the basic main characters like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirrel. #02 We’re all Friends (우리는 모두 친구) has more of a variety of with characters like Mew, Dratini and even Ditto. They are adorable, easy to apply and compliment the colors perfectly. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy more.Pokémon Nail PolishWater Decal Stickers


  • Get Pikachu Pouch HERE
  • Get Jigglypuff Pouch HERE

If you happen to be in S. Korea right now or plan to be in the near future, many items from this collaboration are 1+1 (buy 1, get 1 free) in stores. You can also get free Pikachu sheet masks and Pokémon hand cream samples just for making a purchase. If you spend at least 20,000, you get a free Pokémon mouse pad, which comes in  Pikachu, Squirtle, Snorlax or Jigglypuff.  They were already out of Pikachu, so I got a Jigglypuff and Snorlax. Also if you spend at least 30,000 you can get a Pikachu, Squirtle, Snorlax or Jigglypuff makeup pouch for only 2,000! I got the Pikachu pouch which has an adorable pikachu tail hanging from the zipper. It’s the perfect place to store all my new items.Pokémon Mouse PadPikachu Makeup Pouch


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  1. Very nice post on the pokemon haul! I also have a Seoul blog and was thinking about doing it on these products or some other korean make up brand. I also just watched your youtube video on it. I just found your blog today and was reading the about you section, and it’s crazy because it seems we have a lot in common! Seoul bloggers both from California, dancers (used to do it in high school and college), and want to work in the entertainment field. Can you tell me or do a blog post or youtube video on how you started working in the entertainment field in Seoul? I feel like I’ve been trying for a while and haven’t quite figured out how to get my foot in the door. Thanks! 😀

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