Seoul Flash Mobs: Pillow Fight!

Flash Mobs have been taking the world by storm for quite some time now, leaving us baffled, amazed and amused. For those unfamiliar with the term, a flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to perform an unusual or seemingly pointless act for a brief moment before quickly dispersing. Dance flash mobs seem to be the most common as of late. However, while dance flash mobs are certainly the most well known type, there is a much wider variety than you may think. Flash mobs have cropped up in the forms of silent discos, lightsaber battles, zombie walk and even pillow fights all across the globe. So last Saturday, I had the pleasure of witnessing my very first flash mob, a pillow fight!Pillow FightBattle Stance Friend vs FriendLove & WarGiants

The fight took place along the Han River near (Yeoinaru Station) and it was a GORGEOUS day. When I arrived, it was about 6:15 (since I had work that day) and tensions were running high. People had been arriving since 5, so needless to say everyone was getting pretty antsy. Then, around 6:30 a “Patriotic Panda,” aka a guy in a panda onesie with a huge Korean flag, ran through field signaling the start of war.The Game is OnThe MobHuman Horses Feathers of WarTime Out

It took a matter of seconds for all hell to break loose. Friends, couples, strangers…dogs?… all turned against each other in a feathery haze. Walking through the chaos, I could hear the familiar battle cries from Game of Thrones, 300 and Gladiator. A huge dust cloud started to form and pillows began to burst, sending stuffing and feathers flying through the air. Although I went only as a photographer, I still suffered my fair share of battle “wounds,” but I certainly wasn’t the only one. It was definitely a sight to behold.FearHell HoundMarching into BattleA Business ManAbout to Pounce

Overall, it was a great turn out and huge success. It was amazing gathering of expats and natives induing in a friendly little battle; one of the things that makes Seoul such a cool place to live in. This particular event was put on my Seoul Flash Mobs. So be sure to check out their Facebook page HERE and don’t miss out on their next event!Patriotic PandaCasualties


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  1. Awesome shots! The one with the Dalmatian and guy covered in tattoos is me!thanks for posting it!

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