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Sometimes nothing quite hits the spot like a good sandwich, or sarnie as they are often called in the UK. The sandwich is considered to be named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, because of the claim that he was the inventor of this delicious food combination. As sort of an homage to the infamous creator, Sarnie by Lord Sandwich was born.Sarnie by Lord SandwichMushroom Sandwich

Recently opened in January of this year, owner Yoo Hee Choi wanted to create a restaurant that could truly live up to the Sandwich name. Starting with a parlour-like layout, Lord Sandwich has a modern and elegant interior with a 17th century flare. I really like the lovely baroque period art on the walls and the soft baroque music that plays overhead. The beautiful color scheme of ivory and tiffany blue complimented with gold and olive green accents, really gives it a regal feminine touch. The tables hold tiny succulents, lamps and a variety of cute decorative items. There are a fair amount of windows which welcome in plenty of natural light during the daytime and the restaurant itself faces a newly finished park, giving customers a lovely view while they dine. There is even a small patio for those who wish to further enjoy the beautiful scenery. Overall I think it’s the kind of place Marie Antoinette would go if she were in the mood for a sandwich.Interior 1OwlInterior 2

With a grand name like Lord Sandwich, one could only expect food fit for nobility and they do not disappoint. Their menu boasts about 12 different sandwiches, all made with their special ciabatta bread that is made daily in-house. While there many choices, I absolutely adore their Salmon Sandwich (₩8,500). This sandwich is a simple yet delicious combination of New Zealand salmon, ricotta cheese, onion and capers, served on signature ciabatta bread. A close second would have to be the newest addition to their menu, humorously named the “Angry Mom Sandwich.” This sandwich comes with tender grilled chicken breast seasoned to perfection with various spices, fried egg and rucola. It’s definitely spicy, but so full of flavor that it’s hard to stop eating it. It’s a bit pricier at ₩10,000, but compared to the Salmon Sandwich, it’s definitely on the heavier and more filling side. Additionally, each sandwich comes with a salad and for a small additional fee you can make it a set with the drink of your choice (including lattes).Salmon Sandwich (closeup)Salmon SandwichAngry Mom Sandwich (closeup)Angry Mom Sandwich

While they do pride themselves on their sandwiches, a few other items are offered on their menu such as soups and salads. However the most surprising item I found on the menu was the pizza bread. There are four types to choose from: Quattro Formaggi, Margherita, Rucola and Funghi & Salami, all ranging between ₩8,000 ~ ₩10,000.  Or you could do what I did and opt for the Half & Half (₩11,000), in which you can try any two of the four choices at once. I highly recommend the Quattro Formaggi with the Funghi & Salami. It was the best decision of my life! A ciabatta dough is used for the base, which on its own is absolutely delicious. As for the toppings, the Quattro Formaggi side comes topped with four types of gooey cheese, while the Funghi & Salami side comes packed with tasty salami and various types of mushrooms. This is all complimented with a mouthwatering dipping sauce of roasted garlic and honey. It’s an absolute must try!Pizza Bread (closeup)Pizza Bread

While Choi intends to keep the primary focus on the sandwiches, she will be expanding the drink menu this month with the addition of fruity yogurt smoothies, juices and aids for the summer. I was also excited to hear that the dessert menu will be expanding to include some cakes and eclairs. Personally, I can’t wait to see what other delicious items come out or Lord Sandwich’s kitchen. Until next time, happy eating!Lord Sandwich Map

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