A Nostalgic Tea Time: Trinitea

Down one of the many alleys near 이대역 (Edae Station) lies a quaint little cottage, like something out of a fairytale. If someone told me that at some point seven little men had once inhabited this place, I would not be at all surprised. Visually alluring, but clearly out of place, Trinitea is one of the loveliest tea houses I have ever been to in Korea.TriniteaTea Bar

Walking through the doors is like stepping into a nostalgia shop. The entire “house” is decorated with empty tea tins, miniature porcelain figures, antique tea sets and a grand assortment of other wonderful reminiscence of the past. The brick walls and red lacquered wooden window frames are complimented by the deep brown, crimson red, forest green and beige color pallet that engulfs the interior. The overall style is largely influenced by the Edwardian era, from the tasseled table lamps, velvet couches, candelabras and gramophone to the houseplants, lace curtains, plashed wood floors and the intricate woodwork of the tables. The walls are adorned with oil paintings, old photos and shelves holding various little trinkets.Attic Pinocchio Edwardian EraGramophoneMantle Pieces

Beverage-wise there is quite a bit to choose from, you’ve got your black teas, house specials, milk teas, green teas and herb teas. If tea isn’t your thing, they also have drip coffees, espresso coffees, frappes, juices and even beer! So, there is a little something for everyone. Personally I would recommend trying a tea just because there is so much to choose from and you are surrounded by the perfect ambiance. The milk teas are excellent! I really enjoy the “Cancer Milk Tea,” which has a pineapple and coconut infused into a Rooibos tea base. It has a fruity aroma and sweet taste. I love it!Milk TeaTea Sets

If you’re feeling extra fancy, you should also try a delicious warm scone. The taste amazing with their house blend of jam and whipped cream. If you’d prefer something sweeter, you may want to try one of their cakes or waffles. They also have a “Trinitea Sandwich” if you’re in a particularly hungry mood or prefer sandwiches at tea time.SconesShelves

Prices here are a bit on the higher side ranging from ₩6,500~₩7,500 a drink, but they serve the teas by the pot instead of by the cup. Many places don’t do this, yet charge the same price, so I’d say it’s not too bad. Scones are only ₩2,500 and cakes run the usual ₩4,500~₩5,500 a slice.Tea BasketTelephoneTrinkets

Overall it’s a really lovely place to have an old fashion tea time. The decor and ambiance are nothing short of enchanting. Visually, there is so much to take in and the atmosphere is so serene. It would be hard to get any studying done here, but it’s a good place to curl up with a book or get some writing or drawing done. So the next time you’re looking for some thing a little out of the ordinary, stop by Trinitea. Until next time…Tea TimeTrinitea Map

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