The Graveyard Shift

Back when I was still a student, I rarely had the money, let alone the time, to explore the world around me. It’s something I’ve always regretted. Having moved to Korea, I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. In fact, this blog is full of all the wonderful things I have done and seen in Korea so far. I have to admit, some of the most interesting spots I’ve been to don’t cost much to go to. Who would have thought that one of the my most enjoyable days would be spent shooting at an abandoned amusement park. Among the rubble and long forgotten rides my colorful pallet seemed to bring out all the charm and life left in this once enchanted wonderland.   Bumper Cars Roof TopsOn Top of the WorldDragon SlayerGraveyard ShiftMerry-Go-RoundHat Detail Necklace DetailHave A Nice Day

 | Tunic:  Victoria’s Secret | Hat: Redeye | Leggings: Forever 21 |

Photography by: Michael Song

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