The Art Consultant

I like to think my dog is of a sophisticated breed. He likes to sleep on soft beds and pillows, eat gourmet snacks and watch movies. He also wears cute outfits and shoes that I buy for him from special boutiques, which he uses to get compliments from everyone who walks by him. He loves attention and I definitely treat him like the little prince he is. Sure he still likes to sniff the occasional dog butt from time to time, but hey what are you going to do? He is a dog after all.Puppy Dog Eyes

I decided to draw on his fancy demeanor for the concept of this photo series. Although he’s a boy, dresses tend to be more comfortable for him and they compliment his pretty face. It being winter, I dressed him in a festive navy blue and red color scheme and we shot it inside a cafe with lots of interesting art work. The cafe had kind of a museum feel to it for such a small dog, so I gave my him the role of art consultant and let the camera do the rest. Deep in ThoughtShelved Lounging Strike a PoseArt Lover

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