Cosplay in Korea: Tea Party with Alice

I have always been a bit of an Otaku. I love all things anime, manga and video game related! Back in college I used to work at some anime stores (which was awesome). I wore geeky tees, hoodies and hats to work and, on occasion, some minor cosplay items like Naruto headbands or Totoro ears. I even attended Anime Expo back in LA (in full cosplay of course). Since moving to Korea and focusing more on my career, I’m sad to admit I’ve fallen a bit off the otaku bandwagon. Korea actually has a pretty big cosplay community. You can always see them at the parks on weekends doing some kind of photo shoots, especially in the spring and fall. Seeing them always made me miss cosplaying. So, last year I decided to order a Lolita Alice in Wonderland costume from Japan, but never got around to doing and actual photo shoot. However, last month I finally made some time to give it a try! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories and I wanted to keep the concept close to, but not exactly like the disney version. I decided to go without the blonde wig and use my natural hair, but I think it turned pretty well ^^ What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!Alice Garden 001Alice Garden 002Alice Garden 003Alice Garden 004Alice Tea Party 001Alice Tea Party 002Alice Tea Party 003Alice Tea Party 004Alice Tea Party 005

9 thoughts on “Cosplay in Korea: Tea Party with Alice

  1. Hi Lexi, I found your blog post on Alice in Wonderland cosplay while doing a search on Lolita in Seoul. I was wondering if you know if there’s an active Lolita group in the city? I’ve tried searching, but there’s really not much info out there. :-/ Thanks so much!

    1. Hi kalliemay! I’ve been meaning to do some more research on this myself. I don’t know of any official groups personally, but I do know there is a “Lolita Day” held from time to time in Seoul. It’s a marketplace/ meet up. They just hosted one at the end of last month and I believe the next one will be in October. You can get more info from their Facebook page: If I hear of anything else, I’ll be sure to write a post on it ^^

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