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Halloween: Pikachu Twinning with My Dog

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m back with a new Halloween photoshoot. Last year I was a bit busy and had to skip it, but this year I was ready. Last December I got myself a Pikachu onesie when I visited the Pokémon Gym and Pokémon Center in Osaka. A few months later, I just so happened to stumble across a matching one for my dog Uyu (우유). So, with all the craze surrounding Pokémon Go recently, it seemed like fate for us to go twinning this year.  It was a lot of fun for us to shoot, so I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a safe and wonderful Halloween!Baby & Mommy PikachuBamboo Pikachu img_0153Forest Strolling Pikachu BondingAutumn PikachuEnjoy the ViewPikachu KissesGotta Catch'em All

If you’re interested in checking out our previous costumes, click the links below:

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