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A Monster in Seoul: Monster’s Inc Cosplay

In attempt to catch up on my blogging, I wanted to share a little photoshoot I did with my dog and MiSo Photography for Halloween. I honestly can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween, but I must confess it was kind of fun to do it with my little maltese 우유 (Uyu). Last year I happened to come across an adorable little pet boutique in Tokyo with the cutest dog outfits and costumes. I ended up picking up a Sulley costume from Monster’s Inc, not really knowing when he would actually ever wear it. Since we ended up attending a pet Halloween party this year, I dug out the costume and decided to dress up as Boo to match him. The result was pretty cute… obviously more so because of him than me. He is quite the little model.Boo & SulleyRoar!BFF'sBoo!

4 thoughts on “A Monster in Seoul: Monster’s Inc Cosplay

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed the pix! My puppy really loves the attention lol ^^ Thanks for stoping by, I will definitely be checking out your blog too!

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