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Halloween: Dog Sushi

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence, but I’ve been super busy lately with a million different projects and moving to a new apartment. Fortunately I’m back just in time for a Halloween post! Last year, my pup and I dressed up as Boo and  Sulley from Monster’s Inc. This year, I didn’t have much time to put together a costume for myself, but I did make time to put together one for my baby. I really wanted to make something that would suit his personality and cuteness. So, although I had already purchased a hamburger and Batgirl costume for him from the states… I decided to go in another direction. I really wanted to incorporate him into the actual costume, so I decided to turn him into a delicious piece of sushi! I was really pleased with the result and he even won 3rd place in a costume contest. Needless to say he was so cute it was hard not to eat him up. Shrimp SushiShrimp Sushi Wasabi & Ginger Shrimp SushiShrimp SushiDelicious SushiSushi Bar Sushi NightSushi Watch Dog Hello Sushi

7 thoughts on “Halloween: Dog Sushi

  1. I cannot even handle how cute your dog is! I am contemplating getting a dog here in Seoul and was trying to figure out the feasibility of it and stumbled upon your blog. Great job with the costume, even if I’m months late!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! We appreciate the love <3 Having a dog is a huge handful, even though he's so little ^^ He requires a lot of time and attention, but I gotta say he's totally worth it <3

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