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Writings on the Wall

홍대 (Hongdae) is definitely Seoul’s prime location for for all things young, new and trendy. On any given day you can find indie bands playing, b-boy battles ensuing or artists drawing caricatures all outside on the streets. Being situated around an arts university, it’s no wonder there’s so much excitement. It really has a particular charm that calls to graffiti artists, hip-hop dancers and urban fashionistas. For those of us who align ourselves with hip-hop culture, it’s home. Hongdae Children’s Park, is probably the most popular place to experience this youthful culture. This being said, I thought it would be the perfect back drop for my next shoot. I really love the vibrant colors and designs of the graffiti art. I’d say it goes particularly well with my brown “kill heels” (Konglish for anything with a stiletto heel).Hongdae Children's ParkGraffiti PonderingShy GirlKill HeelsSpiked Knit Sweater Full Shot

| Sweater: SSFW | Jeans: SPAO | Boots: Forever 21 |

Photography by: Michael Song

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