Authentic Sicilian Cuisine: Ciuri Ciuri

Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen in Korea. It seems like everywhere I turn, there’s a new “authentic” Italian pizza or pasta place opening up. Needless to say I’ve been disappointed one too many times and am hardly ever in the mood for Italian these days. However, for a while now my boyfriend has been raving about this amazing new Sicilian restaurant. We’d been … Continue reading Authentic Sicilian Cuisine: Ciuri Ciuri

A Modern Traditional Korean Birthday

Last month I celebrated yet another wonderful birthday with my boyfriend. As is our tradition, he surprised me with wonderful dining experience at a special new restaurant. This year he decided to take me to a place hidden down a remote alley behind 덕수궁 (Deoksugung) called 콩두 (Congdu). Looking at it from the outside, it appeared to be just a typical traditional Korean house or 한옥 (hanok). … Continue reading A Modern Traditional Korean Birthday

The One and Only: The Famous Lamb

The Famous Lamb is a lovely little cafe tucked away in one of the many back alleys of 홍대 (Hongdae). It’s here that I like to retreat to for a little quiet time in the afternoon or a lovely breakfast in the morning with my other half. There is something very quaint and calming about this place. Perhaps it’s the charming white and teal color … Continue reading The One and Only: The Famous Lamb

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Buddha’s birthday or 석가탄신일 fell on May 17th this year. For the entire month of May, Buddhist temples are decorated in beautiful colorful paper lanterns. You can actually find lanterns lined along many streets in Korea in celebration of this day as part of the Lotus Lantern Festival. Because this is considered a national holiday, government offices many other places of work are closed for the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Buddha!

White Day 2013

Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day comes the holiday known as White Day. While guys get all the love, attention and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, March 14th is a time for them to return the favor to their lovely ladies. Unlike the  chocolate inspired deliciousness that is Valentine’s Day, White Day focuses more on the sugary goodness of candy. Quite frankly I prefer chocolate to … Continue reading White Day 2013

Valentine’s Day the Korean Way

Valentine’s Day in the states is a time for people to shower each other with gifts and affection. It’s a time to reaffirm your love to not only to your significant other but also family and friends. With couples, it’s also more of the man’s responsibility to plan a romantic evening/ day. I would have to say that that a lot of pressure lies on … Continue reading Valentine’s Day the Korean Way