Eating Fancy: A Step by Step Tour

One fine day, my boyfriend and I decided to take our puppy 우유 (Uyu) out to 여의도공원 (Yeouido Park) for an afternoon of fun and frolicking. Now, still being a puppy it was only a matter of time before he tired himself out in need of rest and my boyfriend and I found ourselves in need of food.

Garden Seating
A simple yet fancy table setting

Having a dog with you is never convenient when you want to go out to eat, but luckily we had spotted a lovely little Italian fusion place called Blooming Garden with outdoor seating. They allowed us to bring him in and seated us. It wasn’t until we opened our menus that we realized it was a bit on the pricey side and seemed like the kind of place where the smaller the serving size, the fancier the dish. But, since it was such a beautiful day we decided to have a romantic lunch date and give it a try.

Soup of the Day & Bread

We ordered the the lunch special which was about 25,000 per person. First up was the soup of the day. It was some sort of sweet bean soup served with a side of cheese and bean bread. As, expected it was serving size was tiny and my boyfriend was convinced it was some sort of dipping sauce. Nonetheless, it was still very tasty. The texture was smooth and creamy with rich and light sweet flavor. It was really surprising to be able to get all that from such a small portion.

Mystery Salad

Next came the salad. The portion was slightly larger than the soup, but not by much. Mind you that it was supposed to be for two people. Anyway, It was a sort of garden salad with strips of raw bacon on top and a house dressing. It didn’t seem like much at first, but the taste was indescribable. With every bite was a new flavor and sensation. It was bursting with spices and flavor. I’ve never tasted a salad like that before. Incredibly unique.

Sun Dried Tomato Pizza

After that came a sun dried tomato pizza. This was actually a medium size pizza, which to be honest was a little unexpected. The crust was thin, light and crunchy while still holding a crust texture that didn’t at all boarder dried out or chip-like. The cheese was thick and melty sprinkled with fresh basil, but nothing compares to the tomatoes. The tomatoes were prepared to perfection. Sweet and dry while still holding an ever so slight bit of juiciness in them. In a word…. mouthwatering.

So good it draws in wildlife

Already starting to feel full at this point, the pastas came out. Being the main course, the pastas were the only thing we could freely choose from a portion of the menu. I chose a basic carbonara pasta and my boyfriend chose a vodka marinated shrimp pasta. The portion was very generous and the aroma was so phenomenal it actually caused salivation. The carbonara had a thick rich alfredo sauce that drowned the tender noodles without bloating them. There were large pieces of bacon in every bit and seemed to hold their own individual flavor through the powerful white sauce. The shrimp pasta also came in a thick creamy serving of alfredo sauce with a faint, yet distinct trail of vodka lingering in every mouthful. Large shimps were scattered through the noodles, and while they had their own sea like flavor, for the most part they took on the flavor of the sauce. Compared to the carbonara the taste was a little more on the plain side, but it was still very enjoyable.

The Finisher

Finishing the pasta was a huge mission, but we had managed to complete it. Our dining adventure was not over just yet. Desert was on the way. With dessert you have your choice of green tea or coffee, so we got one of each. Dessert was a slice of rich chocolate chip infused chocolate cake served with a side of various sweet fresh fruits and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream sprinkled with toffee nut chips. I was so full, but I simply couldn’t help finishing every last bite.

Licking the plate clean

Simply put, this meal was an orgasm for the senses: the presentation, aroma and taste were all incredibly satisfying. It was a surprising after noon of lounging in the lovely autumn weather with a fancy meal in good company. I would truly recommend this experience to anyone who is feeling particularly fancy and won’t mind feeling like they need to be rolled out of the restaurant at the end.  Happy Eating!

Go to Yeoido Station, take Exit #3 and head straight out from the exit. Eventually you'll see the "landmark fish" above and soon after you should be able to find the Blooming Garden. It's in the lower basement level with a stair case leading down. For extra kicks, take a walk a bit further on and enjoy Yeoido park.

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