Romance in Seoul

Every year, for my boyfriend’s birthday I like to do something special that is uniquely catered to his tastes. Now if you’ve been with someone as long as he and I have been together, it may become a little difficult to think of new things to do. So this year, I decided to him to one of the most romantic spots in Seoul, N. Seoul Tower.N. Seoul Tower Nightly Colors N. Seoul Tower

N. Seoul Tower is probably Seoul’s most famous and popular tourist attraction. It’s also a very popular place among young people to go on dates. Inside the infamous tower, we visited the adorable Teddy Bear Museum. Inside, scenes are created depicting various points in Korean history from the Joseon dynasty up to the present. There was even a Psy teddy bear, but I will talk about it in more detail in a separate post.Teddy Bear Museum

CandyAfterwards, we rode an elevator to the observatory at the top of the tower where we could stare in awe at the lovely city below. We have been to N. Seoul Tower before, but can never get enough of its breath taking view. Sharing a bag of candy, we walked around looking at the outside world from every angle. Written on the windows, you can find the names of different cities from all over the world that can be found in that direction. For a while we stood and stared in the direction of Los Angeles. We’ve only been home once since moving to Korea, so we can get a bit home sick at times.Observatory

Lastly, we decide to check out the latest addition to the tower, “The Wishing Pond.” Set up in the observatory, is a lovely illuminated pond where couples can go make a wish for the longevity of their relationship or singles can wish for the gift of eternal love. For 500, you can purchase a colorful heart coin from the gift shop to make your wish. On that note, you should know that they only accept cash for these coins. Unfortunately we didn’t have any on us, so we had to save our wish for next time.Wishing Pond

The Place Dining By the time we were done looking around, it was about 6pm. So I secretly led my boyfriend to the Italian restaurant on the 2nd floor where I had already made reservations. He was so surprised as we where led through the candle lit room and to our table, which placed us at eye level with the glittering cityscape, side-by-side on a loveseat.  It was so romantic!The PlaceRomantic Ambiance Open Kitchen

Bread The menu was fantastic and had several courses to choose from, but we went for the “Love” course. We started off with an amazing salmon salad that was loaded with tons of juicy salmon. It was quite possibly the best salmon salad I’ve ever had. After that was the soup of the day, which was a sweet pumpkin soup, followed by the main entree. I ordered the gnocchi of the day which was served in a rich sweet pumpkin sauce. It was unique, mouthwatering and a very generous serving. My boyfriend got the cream spaghetti with korean beef tenderloin and mushroom and he loved it! It was a good portion with a nice balance of meat, sauce and pasta. The only thing korean about it was the beef, meaning it didn’t have a ton of onion in it or random ingredients… like corn.Pasta Gnocchi A Toast

Dessert At this point we were quite full, but they brought out the chocolate cheesecake I had dropped off earlier which I had purchased from a very popular bakery called Peony. It was soft, creamy, rich and way more than we could handle at that point in time. So I sang him happy birthday, he blew out the candle, we took a few bites and put it away. Then they brought us coffee, tea and a plate of cookies. My favorite was the macaroon with chocolate ganache. Delicious!Chocolate Cheesecake Happy Birthday!

Overall it was an enchanting evening. Dinner was delicious and being able to share a seat with my boyfriend made it even better. I was a little concerned that the view wouldn’t be so great since the restaurant was only on the second floor, but in actuality it was perfect. Once seated, you are put directly at eye level with the never-ending sea of shimmering city lights. The price was also surprisingly reasonable. I highly recommend this place for special romantic occasions. It will definitely not disappoint! Happy eating!LoveBig Heart

2 thoughts on “Romance in Seoul

  1. Hi! I’m planning on taking my boyfriend to N Tower for his birthday, and just happened to stumble upon your adorable blog post. I was just wondering if the staff speak English, and if reservations could be made in English (since I don’t know much Korean). And also, how did you manage to sneak the cake in before you two arrived for dinner? Haha, I want to surprise my boyfriend as well, so if you could reply, that’d be much appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by my blog ^^ Most of the staff can speak some English, so you shouldn’t have any trouble making a reservation. As for the cake, I couldn’t sneak it in without my boyfriend seeing it since we went together. Instead, I surprised him with the dinner reservations (I told him we were going somewhere else). I had the staff at the restaurant keep the cake in their refrigerator while we looked around. If you arrive at the restaurant before your boyfriend… then you can get them to put the cake in the refrigerator before he gets there. I hope this helps ^^

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