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Season of the Cold

nothing cuter than a sick couple

I think it’s safe to say that as abruptly as “summer” came, it’s now gone and fall is getting into full swing. With the sudden weather change it’s no surprise that EVERYONE is getting sick right now. Here are some tips to help you survive a cold or the flu while you’re in a foreign land.

First, I really recommend investing in a cold mask (AKA the ‘SARS’ mask), especially if you’re surrounded by germ carrying lil’ buggers all day, aka, your students. You can get them just about anywhere, even with cute little faces on them if you so choose.

In case you missed the neon sign, it's all over the doors too.

Second, go to the doctor. A basic doctor visit will only cost you about ₩10,000 and another ₩5,000 for a week or two of prescription meds, they work fast and they’re cheap. Also, you can find a pharmacy or 약국 (yakguk) on just about every block, like Starbucks.

Lastly, you probably want to get some food to go with those meds. I am a personal fan of 우동 (udong) which is a soup dish consisting of thick flour noodles served in a flavored broth. Although the basic concept is always the same, it is prepared with a variety of different ingredients depending on the restaurant. Today I found a fantastic place!

아오키우동 inside the COEX food court

아오키우동   is located inside COEX mall food court and specializes in 우동 (udong). They have a variety of combinations to choose from in two sizes of servings (small and large). In addition, there are several fried add-ons, such as tempura, sweet potato, hard boiled eggs, etc., which you can just pick out and add to your tray.  Two small bowls and two add-ons only cost about ₩11,000.

chicken soup cannot compete

The 불고기 우동 (bulgogi udong) caught my eye and it was absolutely delicious! The smell was rich with spices and the broth itself was full of flavor. It was filling and very light on the stomach (speaking as one who is sick). I’m not one to usually finish my soup broth, but in this case I just couldn’t help my self. So if your sick or need something to warm you up in this chilly weather, I would really recommend this place, or at the very least the dish itself at any restaurant. Great food at great prices, a great way to heel the body and wallet. Happy eating and stay healthy!

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