Sailor Moon Crystal ♥ Grace Gift Collaboration: Haul & Review

There’s nothing I love more than adding a subtle hint of nerdiness to my OOTD. Of course there is always the right time and place to be a little more extra, like on my last trip to Universal Studios Japan. That trip definitely put me on a Sailor Moon fan girl high. Which worked out really well because when I came back home, I had … Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal ♥ Grace Gift Collaboration: Haul & Review

How to Spend a Day in Hanbok

Although it has become insanely popular among locals and tourists, It’s been a while since I’ve dressed up in a traditional hanbok and strolled around Gyeongbokgung and its surrounding area. Right now it’s a very popular date idea, so when Oneday Hanbok invited me to check out their new shop I decided to turn it into a little photoshoot/date with my boyfriend. Admittedly, I’m a … Continue reading How to Spend a Day in Hanbok

Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**

I first came across Oneday Hanbok back in 2015, when it was a tiny little shop inside 을지로4가역 (Euljiro 4 Ga Station). They had a modest selection, but the service was excellent and price was right. It was such a great experience I went straight to my blog to tell everyone about my great find! Flash forward to 2017, these hanbok rental places are a dime … Continue reading Oneday Hanbok (원데이 한복) **New Location**

Return of the Hanbok

Lately, I’ve noticed that the younger generations here in Seoul are embracing their culture and traditions a bit more. One big thing that’s happening is the sudden and active embrace of the hanbok. While it is a beautiful and well loved part of Korean culture, you didn’t see Koreans wearing it much outside of 설날 (lunar new year), 추석 (thanksgiving) and weddings. Even then, many … Continue reading Return of the Hanbok

Cute in Korea: Korean Winter Fashion

I’ve always been a sucker for cute things. In high school I would sometimes get teased for my “childish fashion.” However, when I moved to Korea I never felt more at home! Fashion in Korea can be super cute, not just for the girls, but for the guys too. People don’t mind wearing clothes with characters on them, hats with faces and socks with animals … Continue reading Cute in Korea: Korean Winter Fashion

Lee Young Hee: Baram Baraem (바람바램)

The hanbok is quite possibly one of the most iconic symbols of Korean culture. It’s beauty and design has been admired all over the world and has been adapted into the designs of many fashion designers. Personally, I’ve always loved the hanbok and eagerly await any opportunity I may have to wear one (typically during the Korean holidays). There’s just something so profoundly lovely about … Continue reading Lee Young Hee: Baram Baraem (바람바램)

Black & White and Geek All Over

Oversized shirts or sweaters with leggings have always been a popular fashion in Korea and many other parts of the world. They’re comfy, trendy and you can wear them year-round, so what’s not to like? A lot of times girls out here like to dress up this look with a sexy pair of heels. The version of this popular combo that I’m modeling is one … Continue reading Black & White and Geek All Over

Lunar New Year: 설날 in Korea

새해 복 많이 받으세요, Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!! In Korea, 설날 (Seol-nal) marks the first day of the new year on the lunar calendar and is one of the most important holidays of the year. Being a family holiday, most people venture out to the countryside to spend this holiday gathered at the homes of their grandparents or parents for a few days. Lucky for … Continue reading Lunar New Year: 설날 in Korea