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Lee Young Hee: Baram Baraem (바람바램)

The hanbok is quite possibly one of the most iconic symbols of Korean culture. It’s beauty and design has been admired all over the world and has been adapted into the designs of many fashion designers. Personally, I’ve always loved the hanbok and eagerly await any opportunity I may have to wear one (typically during the Korean holidays). There’s just something so profoundly lovely about the design, fabrics, colors and embroidery that goes into its creation. Even the simplest hanbok has a way of making you feel regal. I think it is all chalked up to the pride Korean designers take in making them. Somehow it is reflected in the finished design.Lee Young HeeJeogoriChimaHanbokHanbok Detail

One such designer would have to be 이영희 (Lee Young Hee). Lee has become quite famous in the fashion world for the way she combines traditional hanbok and modern fashion to create something new, beautiful and balanced. She also draws inspiration from countries all across Asia and incorporates these elements into her designs. Currently, she is showcasing some of her designs at the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza ) and I was lucky enough to get to go see it.JeogoriLittle GirlAccessories BarbieTraditional Hanbok

Her exhibit, “바람바램” (Baram Baraem), is inspiring to say the least. Looking at each one of her designs, I could see that each one held a certain uniqueness, but I never got the feeling that she was trying to “update” the look of the hanbok. Rather than trying to change/ break traditional designs, she embraces and enhances them through vibrant colors, hand painted patterns, additional layers or intricate accessories. I feel that many of the designs had a nice balance of past and present, with a few exceptions that obviously leaned more toward the traditional look.Jeogori & ChimaHairpin 50 Shades of GreyAccessories White & Gold

The designs on display are all taken from Lee’s various collections, so you get to see a little bit of everything and get a bit of a feel for her creative process. Some sections deconstruct the hanbok to focus on either the skirt or the jacket, which really allows you to appreciate the design of the hanbok in its entirety. There is is also a small selection of purses, hairpins and other accessories on display. I know I definitely saw more than one design I wouldn’t mind adding to my own wardrobe.White & Red HanbokTassels Floral PinkEmbroidery Sea of Color

Overall, her designs have a very grand and almost fairytale-like feel to them. I particularly like how the presence of the hanbok is distinctly visible in all her work. I found the colors, fabrics and especially the patterns to be completely captivating. To be honest, being surrounded by so much talent makes me feel inspired to better myself in my own craft.Elegant SatinRegal VibranceMale HanbokPink Hanbok

Lee was quoted as saying, “I wanted to make hanbok that brings out the authentic beauty and colors of Korea’s traditional clothes, and share the beauty of hanbok I discovered.” This exhibit is definitely does just that. So whether you love hanbok, fashion or simply want to be inspired, I highly recommend checking it out. Lee’s work will be on display until October 9, 2015. Don’t miss out!ContrastParchment



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  2. Hello Lexi!

    We are headed to Seoul TOMORROW and kinda cramming for things we need to experience while there. Your blog is a lifesaver!

    Anyway, do you know the best place to buy hanbok? Need one for a US size 12, plus also for young girls aged 3 to 7. I think my husband would like one too.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you!

    • Hi there! I’m so glad my blog was able to help you out with your travel plans ^^ I myself have never actually bought a hanbok before. They can be quite a costly souvenir, especially if you don’t ever plan to wear them again. What I recommend is renting them for a day or two, that way you can have the traditional experience and memorable photos for more than half the cost! I highly recommend One Day Hanbok. They have all sorts of styles in a wide variety of sizes.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help with the actual purchasing of a hanbok. I hope you have a wonderful trip though! Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions ^^

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