3 Deliciously Cute Hand Creams Every Foodie Needs

Hand creams are a dime a dozen in Korea, all complete with their own adorable packaging and alluring fragrances. I have acquired quite a few myself over the years. Inevitably, the ones that always seem to capture my attention are the ones that smell like food or more accurately, junk food. So if you love sweets and cute packaging (like me) here are 3 hand creams to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Cream

The Gummy Bear hand cream line from Skin Food is quite unique, not just in concept, but in that it comes in different fragrances and textures. Kiwi, Raspberry and Pineapple are jelly hand creams. Orange and Grape are creamy hand creams. Cherry Chocolate and Dark Chocolate are hand butters, while Apple is a hand sanitizer. As I could easily create my very own bag of gummy bears with this collection, I showed some restraint and opted for just one, the Cherry Chocolate jelly hand butter. I absolutely love the fragrance of this hand cream, it reminds me of the chocolate covered cherries that are popular around christmas time. It has a nice creamy texture that isn’t too thick and absorbs easily into the skin. I prefer the hand butter type because it hydrates my skin much better than the others and with winter right around the corner I’ll need all the moisture I can get. The cream itself comes packaged in an adorable, semi-transparent pearly pink gummy bear. The bottle is squeezable with an unscrewable head, which makes for some terrifying photos, but is more travel friendly. I’m not one for candy, but for chocolate covered gummy bears I’ll make an exception.Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Cream (hand)Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Cream (pile)

Cookie & Hand Cream

Out of the dessert inspired hand creams I’ve tried,  I’d have to say that my favorite one is the “Cookie & Hand Cream” from It’s Skin. I absolutely love this hand cream! The texture is thick and creamy with little “cookie pieces” that absorb right into the skin. It’s very moisturizing, but it takes a little while to full absorb. For me, the best part would have to be the sweet cookie smell that lingers on the skin after it’s been applied. I’ve gotten so many friends (guys and girls) hooked on it. This hand cream comes in 3 flavors scents: Original, Strawberry and Mint. I like the original best because you get more of a cookie smell from it, but the mint is a close second because it smells like mint chip ice cream. The strawberry smells really artificial and kind of plastic-like, I don’t recommend it. I think my only real complaint would have to be the tub-like container it comes in. It’s not very share or travel friendly, so I tend to use it more at home. The packaging is definitely on the plainer side, but the product is great! So if you’re a bit of a cookie monster like me, you will adore this hand cream.Cookie & Hand Cream (tub)Cookie & Hand Cream (inside)

Chocopie Hand Cream

Chocopie is the holy grail of snacks here in Korea. It is probably one of the most popular and well known Korean snacks on a global scale. So it came as no surprise to me that a Chocopie hand cream was developed and of course I had to have it. There are 3 different scents to choose from, cookies and cream, marshmallow and strawberry. Being the hopeless junkie that I am, I immediately went for the cookies and cream. The cream is light and fluffy almost like whipped cream or marshmallow fluff and has a bit of a pearly sheen to it. This one also has little “cookie bits” that dissolve into your skin when applied. It’s fairly moisturising and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky or oily. I wouldn’t say that the scent is very accurate, as it has a general sugary sweet smell. The marshmallow flavor, on the other hand, smells like you’ve just popped open a fresh bag of mini marshmallows (I bought this one too). It comes in a cute compact Chocopie pot that unscrews in the middle, but what really puts it over the top is the foil packaging it comes in, which makes it look exactly like its snack counterpart. Of the 3 hand creams listed here, this one seemed to be the whole package: good quality, well packaged and deliciously enticing.Chocopie Hand Cream (unwrapped)Chocopie Hand Cream (inside)

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