Love the Skin You’re In (Pt. III)

I don’t really consider myself a cosmetics expert, I just know what I like and don’t like. So whenever I find a product I enjoy, I always make sure to recommend it to my friends and get their opinions on it. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on Korean cosmetics, but since I’ve gotten a few requests… here are a few of my new favorite products.

I’ve always found it to be a hassle to constantly have to retouch my lipstick whenever I eat or drink something. Lipstick always has a tendency of drying out my lips or accentuating chapped lips too. Needless to say I pretty much stopped wearing it after a while. This year, I decided to give it another go when Etude House’s “Dear My Wish Lips Talk” line caught my eye, having been rated the #1 lipstick line of the year.  I love it! It has a really creamy texture and glides on easily. It also has a lovely shiny finish that doesn’t require any additional gloss, plus it’s surprisingly long-lasting. Finally and most importantly, it doesn’t dry out my lips at all. Strangely, I find it to be a bit moisturizing. I honestly have no complaints. Some other perks are that it comes in a cute pink casing and a great selection of colors. I really like RD301, which is a vibrant red with a sight pinkish hugh. It’s a bit on the glam side, but works great with casual or dressy attire.Actual Result

Cookie and Hand Cream


  • Store: It’s Skin
  • Product: Cookie & Hand Cream

Hand creams are a dime a dozen in Korea, all complete with their own adorable packaging and alluring fragrances. I have acquired quite a few myself over the years, but I’d have to say that my favorite one for a while now has been “Cookie & Hand Cream” from It’s Skin. I absolutely love this hand cream! The texture is creamy and light with little “cookie pieces” that absorb right into the skin. It’s pretty moisturizing, but it takes a little while to full absorb into the hands. For me, the best part would have to be the sweet cookie smell that lingers on the skin after you apply it. I even got some of my guy friends hooked on it. This hand cream comes in 3 flavors scents: Original, Strawberry and Mint. I like the original best because you get more of a cookie smell from it, but the mint is a close second because it smells like mint chip ice cream. The strawberry smells really artificial and kind of plastic-like, so I don’t recommend that one. I think my only real complaint would have to be the tub-like container it comes in. It’s not very share or travel friendly. Other than that, it’s great! So if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, you will adore this hand cream.

When it comes to shows and performances, hairspray has always been my go to product. However, on a day to day basis I preferred to have my hair soft, silky, but under control especially when it comes to frizziness. I’ve tried a couple of different waxes, but they always seem to weigh down my hair, make random parts of my hair stiff or just plain greasy. I’ve always been a fan of Skin Food because their products always smell so good and are really gentle on my skin. Their “Applemango Soft Essence Wax” is no different. The smell is light and fruity, but not overwhelming and the wax is light, but effective. It’s really good for reducing frizziness or tucking away those pesky fly-aways. Best of all, you only need to use a little at a time; Just rub it between your hands and run it though your hair. It’s great for guys too! My boyfriend is a big fan and I love the way it makes his hair smell.

Hope you all found this post helpful! If you’re curious about other Korean cosmetic products, be sure to check out Love the Skin You’re In Part I and Part II. Until next time!!!

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