The Face Shop X KAKAO Friends Halloween Collection

Recently I found myself passing by The Face Shop where I stumbled upon their new limited edition  KAKAO Friends Halloween Collection. Their adorable pumpkin hand cream was the first thing to catch my eye. It reminded me of the the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown. I soon found myself browsing the rest of the collection only to find that one of the characters was dressed like Harry Potter. After that it was pretty much a “Shut up and take my money” moment. Here are the fruits of my weakness labor.The Face Shop X KAKAO Friends Halloween Collection

Pumpkin Hand Cream (펌킨 핸드크림)

The pumpkin hand cream comes in two scents, Vanilla Chiffon (바닐라 쉬폰) and Bubble Candy (버블 캔디). I found the Bubble Candy to be wildly overwhelming, like shoving you nose into a bag of unwrapped Halloween candy. It sounds great in theory, but it gave me a bit of a headache. Instead, I opted for the Vanilla Chiffon, which didn’t really smell like vanilla at all, but rather a cross between pumpkin spice and sweet flowers. It’s a bit difficult to describe. The cream itself is very light with a slightly watery consistency. It absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin perfectly for autumn weather.
Pumpkin Hand Cream (inside)

Watery Tint (워터리 틴트)

The watery tint comes in three different shades, #07 Pumpkin Orange (펌킨 오렌지), #08 Bloody Red (블러디 레드) and #09 Maple Orange (메이플 오렌지). I got Pumpkin Orange which comes in an adorable bottle with Ryan dressed as Harry Potter printed right on the front. Despite my deep love for Harry Potter, I was worried the color may be a bit too orange… like coloring my lips with a crayon, but the the color actually looked surprisingly nice again my skin tone. This tint is super watery, so it takes several attempts and layers to completely fill in the lips. On the plus side, it’s pretty easy to create a gradation effect with this tint. My only real complaint about this tint would be how easily it comes off. Once applied, it remains quite vibrant throughout the day. If you eat or drink anything, however, the color immediately fades or comes off all together. So while the color is really nice and the bottle is super cute, it’s definitely a tint you have to keep on hand for constant touch ups.Watery Tint (inside)

Single Shadow Glitter (싱글섀도우 글리터)Single Shadow Glitter

Like the tints, the eyeshadows come in three different colors, Vanilla Candy (GL02 바닐라캔디), Pumpkin Brownie (BR05 펌킨브라우니) and Gelling Red (RD02 젤링레드). Since the Hogwarts attired Ryan was plastered on the Pumpkin Brownie, I of course had to have that one. This particular color has a nice autumn copper feel to it with beautiful pigmentation. It applies smoothly, lasts all day and although it’s a glitter shadow, it has little to no fall out. I was really impressed with the overall results and quality of this shadow.Single Shadow Glitter (inside)

Ryan Firming Face Mask (라이언 탄력 충전 마스크)

I’m a huge fan of sheet masks, but this is the first time I’ve tried one from The Face Shop. Keeping with the Harry Potter theme, I got the Ryan Firming Mask. These masks are thinner and light than others I’ve tried which is pretty great. This mask in particular has a fresh clean fragrance and a creamy hydrating essence. Aside from the firming mask, they also have a variety of others like Apeach (hydrating), Muzi (Moisturizing), Neo (Mild Soothing) and Tube (Radiance). I really enjoyed the firming mask, so I look forward to trying the others too.KAKAO Friends Halloween Collection (makeup)KAKAO Friends Halloween Collection (makeup)

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