Go to Midopa Coffee House like V from BTS

One thing that K-pop and K-drama fans may not realize is that a lot of movies and music videos aren’t shot on sets. They’re shot on location at restaurants, hotels and cafes. The same goes for photo albums which is why my eyebrows shot up when I got V’s Layover album.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely in love with the music. But the photocards and photobooks really caught my eye. Not just because of how great the photos are, but because I immediately recognized the locations. But none stood out more than Midopa Coffee House (미도파) because… well, because I walk past it almost every day.

Midopa Coffee House (미도파) is a cute cafe with an 80’s retro-diner vibe. The cozy brown and mint color scheme and the decor feels purposeful. Plus they always have an interesting playlist playing. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee with a friend or simply getting some work done , it’s always a vibe. And, hopefully, the live DJ performances they had pre-pandemic return again in the near future.

Midopa is actually a cafe and bar, which explains the snacks and cocktails on the menu. However, if you want the full “Tae experience,” then you’ll want to order a refreshing glass of apple juice. As for me, I went for an iced café au lait and an adorable custard pudding cup and I was not disappointed.

Overall the drinks and vibe are really nice and totally worth checking out, even if you’re not ARMY. But if you do happen to be ARMY, you can definitely have a lot of fun recreating some of the V’s concept photos like me.

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