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Christmas Markets in Seoul

‘Tis the season! If you thought Seoul’s winter nights couldn’t get brighter, think again. We’re about to see an onslaught of Christmas decorations as we enter the holiday season in South Korea!

Every year, multiple venues host Christmas markets from large to small. Most Christmas markets are only available for a day or two. Notable exceptions include the H Village at The Hyundai and the Gwanghwamun Square Market which is in its 2nd year! The holiday season’s already started, so here is our comprehensive list of Christmas Markets in Seoul.

Le Marche De Noel (French Christmas Market)

  • When: December 2, 2023 (10 AM – 4:30 PM)
  • Where: Seorae Maeul Park (Banpodong 68-2)

Seoul Accueil will be hosting their French Christmas market this year at the Seorae Maeul Park. There’s always a bevy of Christmas goods and winter foods available at the market. This is one of the city’s favorites, so it gets crowded really quickly. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a holiday feast. That’s why we have our always-updating list of Christmas Dinners in Seoul. Check it out and make your reservations before everyone else.

Marche De Noel at Lycee International Xavier

  • When: December 9, 2023 (10 AM – 4 PM)
  • Where: Lycee International Xavier (23 Bibong-gil)

LIX is a French international school in Seoul and they host school-run French Christmas market every year. They’ll have decorations, food, drinks and more. Best of all, proceeds will go to charities. Check out their page for details.

European Christmas Market

  • When: December 9 – 10, 2023 (12 PM – 7 PM)
  • Where: Seoul Hansung University Station Exit 2 (Dongsomun-dong 2ga 130-2)

Every year, the European Christmas market brings together foods from multiple countries giving visitors the chance to sample dishes from across Europe. There’s food from Spain, France Germany, Portual and so much more. There’s also decorations and gifts to be found, bring an empty stomach.

Check out their Facebook page for more details.

There’s a lot of events going on this December in Korea from light shows to lantern festivals. For all the details, check out our December Travel Tips post.

The Hyundai’s H Village

  • When: Now – December 31, 2023
  • Where: The Hyundai (108 Yeoui-daero)

The Hyundai in Yeoido has a visually stunning Christmas market pop-up on their 5th floor going on right now. While it may not be a “real” French Christmas market, there are plenty of places to take photos, shop for ornaments, and get tasty treats like chocolates, jams, and macaroons.

For more information on the H Village including how to make a reservation, check out our post.

Gwanghwamun Square Market (& Lantern Festival)

  • When December 15, 2023 – January 21, 2024 (6 PM – 9 PM on Sun – Fri, 5:30 PM -10 PM on Sat and holidays)
  • Where: Gwanghwamun Square (172 Sejong-daero)

Every year, Seoul hosts the Lantern Festival in December to celebrate the winter season. The Gwanghwamun Square market will be returning in 2023 with street food, handmade goods, decorations and gifts for sale. Last year we picked up a nice little hoodie for Uyu at the dog clothing booth. It’s absolutely worth checking out if you’re in Seoul for the holiday season. Check out their page for more details (note: currently the webpage features information for 2022).

Holiday Market Itaewon

  • When: December 16, 2023 (1 PM – 6 PM)
  • Where: Lit Lounge (34-65 Itaewon-dong)

Handmade Market Korea and the Lit Lounge are hosting their annual holiday market in Itaewon. They’ll have food, drinks and handmade goods for sale if you’re in the neighborhood. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

DDP Christmas Market

  • When: December 21 – 30
  • Where: 281 Eulji-ro (DDP B2 Market)

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza will be hosting a Christmas Market for 10 days in late-December. The market will be filled with decorations, crafted designs and more. The last year they did this, they had a lot of unique ornaments and decorations, so if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind item, this is the place to go. Check out their page for more details.

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