table of cheesy gobchang with side dishes

The Best Gobchang in Jongro, Seoul

On the spectrum of exotic traditional Korean dishes, gobchang veers towards the more adventurous end. But then again, what else would you expect from cooked intestine? For the uninitiated, gobchang comes in multiple varieties. But if you’re new to this dish, you’ll want to go with fried or grilled gobchang. Grilled or fried, gobchang has a fatty and meaty flavor. And when dipped into salt … Continue reading The Best Gobchang in Jongro, Seoul

tteokbokki gimbap sundae and fried tempura meal

Cheolgil Tteokbokki (철길떡볶이)

Even at first glance, you’d never mistake Cheolgil Tteokbokki for a run-of-the-mill restaurant. The windows are foggy even though the air is clear, and decades of Seoul’s humid summers and frigid winters have warped the planks that cover the building. Inside, the tteokbokki sauce bubbles in its oversized pans and fills the entire restaurant with the signature, mouth-watering gochujang scent. The menu is sweet and … Continue reading Cheolgil Tteokbokki (철길떡볶이)

Godzilla Cafe in Korea: Cafe Ookii ( 카페 오오키이)

Over the years, especially throughout childhood, I found myself collecting all sorts of things from Beanie Babies and Disney figurines to McDonalds toys and Pogs (remember Pogs?). I’ve had a lot of collections, many of which still reside in boxes at my parents house, but none of them quite compare to Bae Tae Hyun’s Godzilla collection. Bae started collecting Godzilla figures back in 2014 after … Continue reading Godzilla Cafe in Korea: Cafe Ookii ( 카페 오오키이)