Sundubu Jjigae, Good For The Seoul

The honest truth is, we go months without eating sundubu jjigae (soft spicy tofu stew). And then, when we finally have it again, it’s amazing all over again. It hits all the right spots and we’re reminded of why we love it so much. Sundubu jjigae is definitely one of Korea’s crowd pleaser dishes. And nothing brings a smile to my face faster than the sight of black stone bowl filled with bright red stew, shrimp, clams, and white soft tofu topped with green onions.

We like to go to a little spot called Delicious Sundubu and Kimchi-jjim (맛있는순두부&김치찜한식) over in Sinchon. The bright signage outside proudly announces “open 24 hours” with an interior that looks like it hasn’t changed in over 10 years. And it hasn’t. We’d know, our first visit was in 2012.

We stick with the beef sundubu (쇠고기순두부, 8,800 KRW) and the seafood sundubu (해물순두부, 8,800 KRW) paired with an order of rolled egg with cheese (치즈계란말이, 6,500 KRW). The stew is served quickly in black stone bowls. Before the stew cools, we each grab an egg from the basket (at each table) and crack a raw egg into the mix. There’s nothing better than runny eggs in a hot bowl of spicy stew.

On a busy night, the tables at this Sinchon hotspot’ll be full with a short line out the door. It doesn’t help that the restaurant attracts office workers drinking their worries away and college students binging on affordable eats.


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Delicious Sundubu & Kimchi-jjim is the perfect place to grab a cheap bite to eat no matter what time it is. Or, if you’re from LA like me, it’s the perfect place to grab post-game bowl of delicious sundubu.

  • Changcheong-dong 5-56

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