tteokbokki gimbap sundae and fried tempura meal

Cheolgil Tteokbokki (철길떡볶이)

Even at first glance, you’d never mistake Cheolgil Tteokbokki for a run-of-the-mill restaurant. The windows are foggy even though the air is clear, and decades of Seoul’s humid summers and frigid winters have warped the planks that cover the building. Inside, the tteokbokki sauce bubbles in its oversized pans and fills the entire restaurant with the signature, mouth-watering gochujang scent. The menu is sweet and … Continue reading Cheolgil Tteokbokki (철길떡볶이)

Quick & Easy Lunar New Year Rice Cake Soup (떡국)

Having a bowl of tteokguk on Seollal (설날) aka Lunar New Year’s has been a long standing tradition in Korean culture. Eating it symbolizes becoming a year older and the custom of saying “How many bowls of tteokguk have you eaten?” is another way of asking a person’s age. I love tteokguk and eat it way more than just once a year. My friends like to tease me with the “How … Continue reading Quick & Easy Lunar New Year Rice Cake Soup (떡국)

연어상회: All You Can Eat Salmon Sashimi

연어상회 isn’t really a new restaurant, but it seems to have gotten more traction as of late since they seem to be popping up in almost every neighborhood. Outside of the native Korean community, I can’t say I’ve met too many people who have even heard of this place, but you should. Here’s why. 연어상회 is an all you can eat salmon sashimi restaurant. It’s … Continue reading 연어상회: All You Can Eat Salmon Sashimi

5 Unusual Must Try Korean Chips + Giveaway

I feel like Korea is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to inventing new and unusual crazes or fads, particularly in the snack food department. In fact, when you visit any Korean supermarket you are guaranteed an entire aisle fully stocked with junk/snack food. Some stuff is seemingly normal and others not so much. So I’ve decided to compile a small list of must … Continue reading 5 Unusual Must Try Korean Chips + Giveaway

Black Day & 홍콩반점0410 (Hong Kong Banjum 0410)

In Korea, following February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and March 14th (White Day), is the unofficial holiday “celebrated” on April 14th known as Black Day. While both Valentine’s Day and White Day focus on the romance shared between couples wrapped in matching couples clothes, spoon-feeding each other food and flaunting the sheer joy of NOT being single, Black day is a special little lonely day for … Continue reading Black Day & 홍콩반점0410 (Hong Kong Banjum 0410)

Kimchi Reinvented: Modern Korean Food

When most people think of Korea (whether they’ve been there or not) there are always a few things that immediately come to mind: hanbok, BBQ, K-pop, etc. However, no matter who you’re talking to, kimchi is always on the top of that list. 김치 (Kimchi) is Korea’s national dish. It is a traditional Korean side dish that consists of fermented vegetables and seasonings. It is … Continue reading Kimchi Reinvented: Modern Korean Food