Yeouido Spring Flower Festival – Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

After what seemed like an eternal winter (not really complaining), spring has finally returned to Seoul. The first signal is the blooming of cherry blossoms all across the country; something I really look forward to every year. So far, this year has been a bit busy and I was afraid that my most recent trip to California was going to prevent me from partaking in … Continue reading Yeouido Spring Flower Festival – Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

Haebongchon Guided Ghost Tour

As we move further into October, people stateside begin to anticipate one of the most exciting nights of the year… Halloween! Living in Korea I had come to terms that there would be certain holidays that I would have to give up: American Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Super Bowl Sunday and even Halloween. As the expat community continues to grow and the younger Korean generation … Continue reading Haebongchon Guided Ghost Tour

White Day 2013

Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day comes the holiday known as White Day. While guys get all the love, attention and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, March 14th is a time for them to return the favor to their lovely ladies. Unlike the  chocolate inspired deliciousness that is Valentine’s Day, White Day focuses more on the sugary goodness of candy. Quite frankly I prefer chocolate to … Continue reading White Day 2013

Valentine’s Day the Korean Way

Valentine’s Day in the states is a time for people to shower each other with gifts and affection. It’s a time to reaffirm your love to not only to your significant other but also family and friends. With couples, it’s also more of the man’s responsibility to plan a romantic evening/ day. I would have to say that that a lot of pressure lies on … Continue reading Valentine’s Day the Korean Way