Writings on the Wall

홍대 (Hongdae) is definitely Seoul’s prime location for for all things young, new and trendy. On any given day you can find indie bands playing, b-boy battles ensuing or artists drawing caricatures all outside on the streets. Being situated around an arts university, it’s no wonder there’s so much excitement. It really has a particular charm that calls to graffiti artists, hip-hop dancers and urban fashionistas. … Continue reading Writings on the Wall

Pole Dancing, Leather, S&M and… K-Pop?

I have to admit, I’ve fallen a little off the k-pop bandwagon since I began cheating on dance with acting. Recently, I’ve been trying to return to my true love. Of course this means back to training and definitely back to the gym. When I run my 5 km on the treadmill I like to watch k-pop music videos to check out the choreography and … Continue reading Pole Dancing, Leather, S&M and… K-Pop?

Double Trouble

As promised by Cube Entertainment, 4minute’s HyunA and B2ST’s 장현승 (Hyun Seung or JS) have released their anticipated 4 track collaborative mini album. I must say I was a little disappointed to discover that “Trouble Maker” is the only dance track on the album followed by three ballads that are quite forgettable in comparison. Trouble Maker The Words I Don’t Want to Hear (듣기 싫은 말) Time! (HyunA’s solo Feat. Rado … Continue reading Double Trouble

Wonder Girls 2011

Wonder No More; The Girls are Back!

It seems that all our k-pop cuties are trading in their cutesy facades recently for a more mature look and Wonder Girls are no exception. Back from shooting their Teen Nick movie “Wonder Girls at the Apollo” and stepping away from their retro image, Wonder Girls have returned to Korea with a dark sleek sexy new look and of course a new album “Wonder World.” … Continue reading Wonder No More; The Girls are Back!